Daily Log 14 June 2011 – Today I ran the fastest 5km ever



I swam for about an hour today wanting to get a better feel for my technique.  In yesterday’s triathlon workout, I wrote that I can feel a slight improvement in my strokes and that I am using more of my shoulders and not my arms. And today I wanted to really solidify that new sensation. I also get the impression that I can stretch my arms further when I utilise my shoulders more. I didn’t get a chance to record my lap times so I can’t tell whether it’s making me go any faster. I doubt it and frankly speaking it’s not really important to me at the moment to go faster. I just want to make sure I can swim comfortably and that I don’t tire myself out too much. In the triathlon I still have to cycle and run so not being tired after the swim really counts.


After the swim I was scheduled to go for time trail 5km run, the first time trial in a really long time. But I wanted to make the time trial as close to a real triathlon as possible so I decided to get on the bike for 5km, pedaling at both a high spin high gear rate as well as low spin low gear. It took me 15 minutes to do the 5km on the bike which is not to bad considering the many corners I had to take (8 in total). I noticed that my left knee was feeling a slight twinge of pain so I decided to take it easy. This is not the time to get injured (and I have to keep an eye on that knee). I didn’t go for a fast transition from bike to run as I wanted to really make sure I give my all during the run.



I ran the fastest 5km ever today. I have been going through a lot of interval runnings as well as hill running and I have not run a full 5km at speed for awhile now. Those hours of pain and training is really paying off.

Today’s time trial run consisted of a 10 minute warm up followed by a 5km time trial and ending with a 10 minute cool down.

As I said earlier, I wanted to give my all in this time trial and I started quite ferociously with a lap time of 2:32 and at an average of 75% MHR. This was followed by an equally fast lap 2 of 2:34 but now my heart rate had gone up to 82% MHR. I did laps 3, 4 and 5 in similar times but the time I got to lap 6 I was fading fast. I could run faster but for some reason I stopped to walk for about 15 to 20 secs at every lap. I just wasn’t able to sustain the pace. The odd thing is, if you look at the lap times below, all the laps were done between 2:28 (the last lap and the fastest) and 2:54. If I were to walk for about 20 secs, it would mean that I was running faster (when I did run) and if I ran the full lap at the faster pace I probably would have done each lap in about 2:15.

These are all the lap times:

  • Lap 1 2:32
  • Lap 2 2:34
  • Lap 3 2:37
  • Lap 4 2:34
  • Lap 5 2:37
  • Lap 6 2:41
  • Lap 7 2:38
  • Lap 8 2:37
  • Lap 9 2:44
  • Lap 10 2:54
  • Lap 11 2:42
  • Lap 12 2:42
  • Lap 13 2:46
  • Lap 14 2:28

What does all this data mean? Well, I discovered a few things.

Firstly, I should run at a slightly slower pace for the first 1 km. Instead of a 2:32 for the first lap, maybe I should have gone 2:45 and maintain for the first 1km then gradually increase my pace. I am a slow starter and I need to build my speed over the distance and not shoot out at the start. I am confident I can sustain a lap time of 2:30 for last 2km if I conserve my legs at the start of the run.

How do I feel?

I usually run in specific effort and zones to make sure I don’t overdo a workout. In todays run, I made sure I didn’t look at the heart rate data so I didn’t know what zone I was running. You could say I was running by ‘feel’. The only time I glanced at the watch was when I press the lap time button at each lap and I get to see what kind of pace I was doing. Maybe next time I shouldn’t even bother to look at the lap time and just run as fast or as slow as I feel like running. That would be interesting.

Anyway, one of the things I did experience was that I couldn’t believe the lap times I was doing. I knew I would be running faster but maybe there’s still a part of me that keeps holding me back. That’s the only way I can explain the fact that I can run faster by walking part of the distance.

The time for today’s 5km?

37 mins 6 secs which is about 2 mins faster than my previous best of 39 mins 15 secs set in April (see Daily Log 5 April 2011).

If I can figure out the right pace at the right time then maybe I can still break my 30 minutes 5km time. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?


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