Daily Log 14 April 2011


I’ve discovered that a monster exists in me. This monster is silent and and unassuming. It appears when I least expect it. Lately it’s been appearing very often.

This monster wants me to quit.

Lately I’ve been noticing that my enthusiasm and motivation seems to be at a low. Don’t get me wrong. When I decide to workout (especially after a dose of seeing Ironman videos on YouTube) I do it with the same amount of spirit that I had when I first started may months ago. This monster appears maybe about 10 minutes of starting. In today’s cycling workout for example, it appeared right on cue after about 10 minutes. I keep thinking of stopping the workout. The thoughts that comes are:

‘You’ve been working out a lot lately. Why don don’t you give yourself a rest. No need to cycle for 1 hour. 30 minutes will do’

‘There’s no need to push yourself this hard. You are already fit enough’.

‘Why don’t you slow down a bit? Cycling this hard will not have any impact on your fitness’.

It’s like a constant struggle within me. Sometimes the desire to give in is strong and there has been times when I would actually slow down or stop. I would get off the bike and then suddenly realise that there is no reason for me to stop and that the workout is part of a plan. I would often get back on the saddle and start pedaling, maybe even harder than normal.

I know I have increased the intensity of my workout in the last 3 weeks. And though it felt tough in the first few days, my body has adjusted to the increase in workouts especially since I make sure that 80% of my workout is done at a low to moderate intensity.

Anyway, I have to find creative ways and means to manage this monster. Maybe I’ve been ignoring it too much and it’s now time to listen to what’s going on inside me. I wrote many weeks ago about my strategy is coming to terms with the monster. That was during my Pre race jitters of my first running event, the FT Day run 2011. Maybe I should get some more post it notes.


Today was another brick workout day on the bike followed by running. I’m dong quite a lot of brick workouts lately as part of my effort to get my body used to the changing requirements for each discipline. What I haven’t done at all is the Swim and Cycle Brick which should prove to be quite interesting.

Back to today’s brick workout.


I did my usual 3 phase workout which consists of:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Hard 20km
Phase 3 Warm down 15 minutes

(during Phase 2)
Average Heart Rate 69% MHR
Average pace 1.41 min per km
Average Cadence 67
Distance covered 20.01 km (total 30.40 km)
Calories 705 kcal
Time 33 min 37 sec (total time 63 minutes)

Apart from the niggling thoughts of the monster I wrote about earlier, the bike workout went well. I want to be able to get the time for the 20km down to 25 minutes. Maybe in about a month of solid workout.


Not much to write about during the transition time other than the fact that it was raining quite heavily. Again, I want my legs to get used to the changes in movement between cycling and running.


I enjoy running in the dark especially when it’s raining. The sound of raindrops falling on my cap is very soothing to me and I really had a great time running tonight.

My POLAR data for tonight:

Time 60 mins
Average cadence 68
Average stride length 58 cm
Average Heart Rate 73% MHR
Running distance 4.01 km
Calories burnt 785 kcal

Total calorie burn 1490 kcal

I don’t want to push myself too much tonight as I have a race coming this saturday night, The Energizer Night Race which is 5.5 km event. This one I’m going to push myself to the max and will end this cycle of training and get me prep out for the next cycle which is the actual triathlon training.

Tomorrow very light and easy day as I want to make sure I’m well rested for the race. I’ll talk about the Pre Race Prep tomorrow.

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  1. >Don't worry, I get days like that too but the trick is to remember how hard you've worked out and don't want to let all that go to waste 😀 Keep fighting and great work so far.

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