Daily Log 13 May 2011



If you want to move to the next level of results, you’ve got make changes in in your plan and action. I’ve changed my entire workout routine in preparation for my triathlon in July. In the past 6 months I’ve been focussing on endurance. Not it’s time to focus on more speed and power. It’s tough but so satisfying.

Today’s session was a bit topsy turvy because I had to make up for not swimming last night. I’m still adjusting to the new workouts that I am introducing to my training regime. I’ve got to do more intervals at all 3 discipline (swimming, cycling and running) as well as more hill work for cycling and running. I have to increase my time in the pool and on top of that do more Core Workouts. Phew.

So today I had to do 3 workouts instead of 2; Cycle 90 secs intervals, Run 30 minutes and swim for 1 hour. Did I say phew?


The 90 secs intervals consisted of:

15 min warm up
90 secs hard pedal followed by 2 mins moderate (5 times)
15 min cool down

It was tough at first until I remembered to work towards pedaling faster gradually and in a controlled manner instead of a burst of speed. Much like my running I tend to lose steam real quick if I don’t do it gradually.

I finished it up with a 5 minutes transition run.


The run was supposed to be a hilly run. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to to the hills where I intended to run so I just ran my usual flat route near where I live. This time I wasn’t going to run hard and treated it more as a slow recovery run. Careful to keep my heart rate at 70% MHR.


I feel quite guilty for not going to the triathlon swimming workout last night so I wanted to make up for it tonight. My main focus is to develop my bilateral breathing technique which is one of the most inefficient part of my swimming.

This was my workout:

4x50m warm up freestyle
20x50m paddles and pullbuoy
1x50m closed fist
1x50m catch up drill
1x50m single arm drill
3×50 Cool down

My bilateral breathing was really giving me challenges. I find that I start to lift my head up and then panic which then leaves me little time to breath on my left side and I would end up not breathing or breathing very little. My strokes would get all messed up as I try to quickly rush to breath on my right side.

I’ve been working on this for weeks with little success.

Tonight was no different.


I literally had to just give up on trying to breath on my right side so I stopped trying and thinking about it half way though my workout tonight. Then for some reason as I was focussing on my arm stroke I just allowed my head to follow my left hand and when it went for recovery managed to take a good breath without much trouble. I did it again a few strokes later and it felt easier. After a few more laps my left sie breathing was similar to my superior right side breathing and at the end I was doing it.

Finally. I can do bilateral breathing on my freestyle stroke.

Woo hoo and yee haa.

Why is this important? Well, when I breath on just 1 side for the swim I found that there are major differences in strength and speed between my left ad right side. Obviously mi right side was faster and stronger than my left and a huge part of it is because of the breathing. So now I can focus on equal distribution of work on both sides.

Sure, my breathing on both sides is still a little bit clumsy and I know that there is a lot to improve but this is a big milestone in my swimming.

Tomorrow and sunday is all about endurance so long bike and long runs are the order of the day. Then it’s time for a well deserved rest on monday.

Let’s see what happens.

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