Daily Log 13 April 2011 – Run and Swim



Sometimes I wonder what kind of impact I have on people nowadays. Whenever I mention that I’ve lost 20+kg I get a lot of skeptical look and sometimes I have to whip out my iPhone or iPad to show my before and after pics. When they ask what do I do to lose the weight, I would tell them that I’ve been swimming, cycling and running. Again the skeptical look comes out. When I tell them that I’m training for a triathlon and hope to eventually compete in a triathlon, the look screams one word – WHY? Not everyone responds like this and I do get the words of encouragement and sometimes I even get to inspire people but most of the time, it’s that look and it drives me crazy. And to top it off, I often get the look from people that I know. In fact, it’s the people that I don’t know that seems to get the most of my efforts and I get lots of emails and notes from people who tell me how much they were inspired by me… How bizarre.

Anyway, today was run and swim day so this is how it went.

I had an early morning run today. I’ve been wanting to run in the morning for the longest time and I ad the perfect excuse to do it. My good friend Johan, of Johan Sopiee Photography, came by to take more pictures of me. The last time Johan came  to take pictures was about 2 weeks ago and I’ve already used some of the pictures he took of me. I’m deeply touched by his support and his efforts and I’ll write more about it later. I used to be a photographer (I still am though lately I’ve been more obsessed by triathlon gadgets than camera gear). It’s a strange feeling to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. I’m very thankful to have someone with a great deal of patience. I woud probably freak out if I had to do that many retakes.

So Johan, if you’re reading this- YOU THE MAN…


I ran for about 3km before Johan started to take pictures of me. I’m not sure whether the data is relevant for this particular workout but I’ll put it down to make it consistent with other posts.

Time 93 mins
Average cadence 69
Average stride length 69 cm
Average Heart Rate 67% MHR
Running distance 4.8 km
Calories burnt 1059 kcal

I felt good for the first 3 km and I think even the short workout on drills I made on sunday is paying off. I am more aware of how I’m pulling my legs as well as whether I’m landing on the ball of me feet which is what POSE Method of running is about.


I always write about the drills I do as part of refining my swimming technique. It’s getting kinda difficult to list them all down every time I do my daily log as sometimes I would forget. There’s so many of them. Suffice to say I stayed in the pool for about 2 hours today alternating between drills and normal freestyle. I’m almost positive the new drills I’m doing particularly using the pullbuoy is having an impact.

Johan came by the pool tonight to experiment with some swimming photography using me as a model. It was dark so it was quite difficult to take great shots but Johan did get some brilliant ones. not bad for a first attempt.

These are the POLAR data:

Time 108 minutes
Average heart rate 60% MHR
Calories 967 kcal

So there you go. A good day I think. I had lunch with a dear friend who gave me a book by Murakami called What I talk about when I talk about running.  I’ve been looking for the book for the longest time. Many thanks K for the book and thank you for your support and encouragement.

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