Daily Log 12 May 2011



Tuesday’s and wednesday’s workout was very intense involving interval trainings for both the bike and the run. On top of this was the Core Workout for both upper body and lower body. My body is reacting to the load and it’s screaming for me to slow down a bit. I was supposed to go for an easy 30 minute jog followed by a 2 hr swim workout (I did the run bit didn’t do the swim).


After the interval training yesterday, today’s run was more of a recovery run. Nothing too hard and not too long either. 10 minutes warm up followed by a 10 minute moderate run followed by a 10 minute cool down. I now do a lot of transition workouts which involves a 15 minute easy warm up on the bike before I run (or an easy 15 minute cool down running after a bike workout).

I started off tentatively as I can feel my legs sore after the Core Workout yesterday morning as well as the interval run yesterday evening. I was running a little over 3 minutes per lap for the first few laps. I know I’m not supposed to have a hard run today but I was actually feeling very good while running and I felt so relaxed and my form was well, on form. So I just let it rip for 10 minutes and just allowed myself to run. My last 2 laps of running was about 2:30 which is very fast for me. Just as a comparison, I ran a 2 min lap in my interval training yesterday and that was unsustainable and my heart rate was in the high 80s and low 90s. Today I managed a 2:30 at about 85% MHR. I remember running 3 minutes at 85% MHR not to long ago.

It looks like the speed training is working after 3 weeks at it. There’s more to come and I can’t wait. Maybe a 2 min per lap is possible eh?


The route map for the Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 has been released.

The run is in 10 days time and I want to be able to run under 60 minutes. My current timing for 7km is 63 minutes.

Let’s see what happens

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