Daily Log 12 June 2011 – What would you do if you knew you cannot fail



‘What would you do if you knew you cannot fail’?

This question was asked of me a long time ago by my Business School For Entrepeneurs (BSE) Instructor, Dominique Lyone. Ever since I attended the BSE, my life has literally undergone a major overhaul (several times actually). I quit my job, I started to take to the stage to be a trainer and instructor, I started my own training and consulting company, became broke and nearly bankrupt and of course am now in training for a triathlon.

Looking back over the years (there’s been 8 of them), I can honestly say I have had a blessed life even during the many downs that I had to endure. The BSE taught me the meaning of commitment, the power of planning, the magic of thinking big and the absolute wonder of life.

I think about that question a lot and I came to a few conclusions. First, if I knew I cannot fail, I wouldn’t have a clue what I’d do. Secondly, whatever it is I do, I know I would want others to benefit from it. Third, I want to matter in this world. I want the world to be a better place with me being in it and I want to make a difference.

I know it sounds bombastic (and probably not original) and that is what I really believe. Sine I started this blog I have had many people write in who say that they have started to run or swim again (or they just took it up). SO in my own small way, I am making an impact.

Now it’s time to have a bigger impact and am preparing to launch my public seminar career soon. I’m excited (and maybe a little scared too) at the possibilities. Who knew 8 years ago when I did the BSE that I would be doing this.

What would you do if you knew you cannot fail?


I went for a run in the mid afternoon sun today. I do this once in awhile just to allow my body and mind to experience the heat of the afternoon sun. Though races are usually held in the early morning and if it’s a 5k or a 10k then I should be finished by 9 or 10 (max). But as the races get longer I have to get used to running in the heat especially since my race pace isn’t very fast.

Todays run was only about 45 minutes and I ran about 5km. I’m taking it easy today as I have just recovered from the flu and cough. Tomorrow I restart my intense training, getting the distance in as well as pushing the heart rate up.

I find that I am running faster these days but am worried that I cannot sustain the pace. I think it’s mostly psychological as my heart rate is steady at about 83% MHR. One thing for sure, those interval trainings are working. Now I got to make sure my endurance level keeps up.

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