Daily Log 12 April 2011 – Bike trainer

Today was a tough day at work for me and I only realise now how strong an impact emotional distress and upset can have on my workouts. I was supposed to swim today and this evening for the first time I couldn’t get myself to go out as planned. So I spent the afternoon chilling out at home watching a bit of telly. This evening though I was determined to make sure that I put some effort and decided to go on the bike trainer.

I noticed that when I get into this mood I tend to get start working out and ‘lose’ myself in the exercise and this was the case today. I biked the same way that I biked on sunday:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Hard 20km
Phase 3 Warm down 15 minutes

I wanted to see how much improvements I was able to make compared to sundays bike workout.

So these are the POLAR data compared to sundays data:

(during Phase 2)
Average Heart Rate
Sunday 70% MHR
Today 65% MHR

Average pace
Sunday 1.36 min per km
Today 1.39 min per km

Average Cadence
Sunday 70
Today 69

Distance covered 20.01 km
sunday total- 31.74 km
Today total 32.73 km

Calories 614 kcal
Sunday 32 min 5 sec (total time- 62 minutes)
Today 32 min 50 sec (total time 63 minutes)

Ok. The data is pretty consistent and within the same range (give or take a few points). The most startling thing is that I was able to achieve the distance in the same time but with a lower average heart rate, 70% on sunday compared to 65% today. 5% of heart rate is huge when it comes to heart rate as it translates to about 10 beats less per minute. So I know that something is improving. My legs feels less sore every time I cycle which means they are getting used to motion of pedaling.

I’m going to rest now. Tomorrow is running in the morning and swimming in the evening. Let’s see what happens.

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