Daily Log 11 June 2011 – find your passion and make an empire out of it



Yesterday I watched a video by Brendan Burchard, the author of several books and the founder of The Expert Academy. It was a solid value and really got me thinking about a lot of things. One of the most profound things I learnt from him was to figure out what I am passionate about and build an empire out of it.

I am passionate about a lot of things but yesterday I discovered that I wasn’t really doing anything about it. Yes, one of the things I want to do is help and support people to achieve success but I haven’t really done it on a large scale, much less build an empire out of it.

So all day I’ve been thinking about what I know, what I’ve gone through, what I’ve learnt and how I can use all this to support people achieve success.

Listing things down, I discovered that I do have a high level of knowledge on a lot of things. Now there is nothing new in that knowledge and there are other people with equal or more knowledge than me in those areas but one thing I do have is perspective and a point of view and that is what makes it valuable and that is what I want to share with people (if the want to listen). And who know? Maybe, just maybe I can build an empire around it.


I went for a short run this evening to wind down the week. It was just a short 35 minutes jog which in my current state is quite intense. I use go be able to jog at that pace at about 70% MHR but this evening, I was reaching 80% MHR. I am convinced my fitness level has gone down since I caught the flu and the cough. So the next 1 week is about building that fitness level again.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning a long run. Let’s see what happens.

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