Daily Log 10 May 2011


DAILY LOG 10 May 2011

Today was a hard day of training. I did a combination of Core Workout, low intensity elliptical, a bike/run brick workout consisting of hard 5 minutes interval bike followed by a 5km fartlek workout. I am bushed but feel so satisfied.


Today was Shred day and I worked out for half an hour to Jillian Michael screaming ‘don’t quit’ followed by some upper body strength with the free weights. I then spent another half hour on the elliptical for some low cardio workout.

Funny thing is that it’s now really difficult to get my heart rate up in doing either of these workouts. Even though it’s supposed to be low intensity (on the elliptical anyway), I am supposed to get my heart rate between 60%-70% MHR. Even at mid intensity of resistance I was barely pushing 60%. As I get fitter I use up less energy. I remember 4 months ago when my heart rate would be in the high 70s for a workout on the elliptical (and that was an easier workout than today’s).


I wanted to get myself used to doing hard workouts on the bike and run. My bike/run brick in the past has always comprised of a 20km bike workout followed by a 5km run. Today’s brick is a bit different as they were all done high intensity intervals and farteks. A first time for me.


I did a 5 minute interval session on the bike today based on the Polar booklet ‘Precision Multisports’. The intervals consists of:

15 min warm up
5 minutes hard spin (80%-90% MHR)
2 minutes rest (60%-70%)
Repeat 4 times

It’s really tough for me to send my heart rate beyond 80% for the bike. Even at maximum resistance on the trainer I would start losing my form as I approach 80%. I changed my strategy and went for the mid gears with a higher spin and I was able to gradually build up to 83% MHR.

I was really glad when the workout ended.

My POLAR data as follows:

Average Heart Rate 71 % MHR (79% during hard phase)
Average pace 2.29 min per km
Average Cadence 66 (86 during hard phase)
Distance covered 11.06 km
Calories 525 kcal
Time 44 min

No warm up here as its now straight for a 5k fartlek run


As I’ve been on the bike before the run there was no need to warm up other than trying really hard to activate my running legs. My legs usually feel like jelly everytime I do a brick like this and today was no different. It takes me about 10 minutes before my legs get to their usual running mood.

The fartlek runs is basically run hard with good form until my heart rate reaches 80% and slow down (even walk) until it goes to 70% (Phase 1). I did this for 2.5km and then increased to 85% and 75% respectively (Phase 2).

I didn’t consciously run faster but instead focussed on increasing my cadence and pulling my legs higher. It’s important to maintain good form as I want to train m legs to always run with good form at whatever speed.

My POLAR data for the run as follows:

Time 26 mins (Phase 1) and 25 mins (Phase 2)
Average cadence 93 (Phase 1) and 100 (Phase 2) during hard run
Average stride length 74cm (Phase 1) and 75cm (Phase 2)
Average Heart Rate 78% MHR (Phase 1) and 80% (Phase 3)
Running distance 2.5 km per phase
Calories burnt 970 kcal

This is the hardest day of workout I’ve ever had. I wanted to test myself whether I was capable of doing it. I do feel tired at the moment though no tired than I usually am. I’ll know tomorrow morning whether I can handle it when my body is either ok or there’s a lot of body aches.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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