Daily Log 10 March 2011 – Running drills


How my running changed in 5 months

In 2 days time I will be competing in the FT Day 7km run which is my first running event. I didn’t plan to have any hard runs as I have to rest and taped down to prepare for the event so yesterday I went on the elliptical for some low effort and low impact exercise. Today I decided to go for a gentle easy run and work on some POSE running drills. Technique is all important for me now not only because it reduces the possibility of injury but also because I think improving my running form will give me considerable pace and distance. Besides, I’ve always been envious when I see runners with a smooth and fluid running motion which almost seems effortless. I’m not smooth and look more solid and fluid and definitely you can see the effort written all over my face.

My running form has improved tremendously. Watch the video below..

Not bad for 5 months. It has been quite a journey and there has been moments of doubts and frustration. The perseverance paid off though. There’s still a lot of improvement to do. The key here is to enjoy the process no matter how hard or tough.

I haven’t decided what my race strategy will be on saturday. I know I have to make sure I don’t get caught up in the moment and start the race like a champion runner. I notice over the last few months that I need to start slow and slowly build up the pace. At the park new where I live I notice that me running a 2:45 lap in the first lap is very different than me running the same time on the 10th lap. I actually feel stronger later.

I mentioned in an earlier post I’ll be happy if I manage to run the 7km in under 1 hour. As an incentive I’ve decided to give myself a personal medal system for any events I enter. For this race the medal system are as follows:

Bronze   60-70 minutes
Silver     55-60 minutes
Gold      Below 55 minutes

I’m almost positive I’ll get a silver medal but to get a gold will be really awesome. I have to push myself harder if I want to give myself a gold medal which is the point of this whole medal system.

This medal system is to help motivate me during training as well as the race and I think it’s a pretty good mental and psychological tool. Hmmm. Need to go make some medals….

Let’s see what happens…

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