Daily Log 10 April 2011 – Bike and Run

Woo hoo and yee haa. It’s the end of the week and I get to rest tomorrow. This is the week for the bike and I did a lot of cycling this week- 4 work outs.


I pushed hard with the bike today. I created a little programme in my POLAR RS 800:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Hard 20km
Phase 3 Warm down 15 minutes

This is significantly a harder workout than I am used to on the bike. Previously I had just cycled for 40 minutes including warm up and warm downs. Warm up and warm downs are extremely important in my workout but should not necessarily factor into my statistics when I want to analyse how I’m doing. The reason is that my warm up and warm down sessions are usually low intensity and factors such as cadence and pace go really out the window. I wanted to determine how long it will take me to bike for 20km at my ‘race pace’.

My POLAR data are as follows:

(during Phase 2)

Average Heart Rate 70% MHR
Calories 689 kcal
Average pace 1.36 min per km
Average Cadence 70
Distance covered 20.01 km (total- 31.74 km)
Time 32 min 5 sec (total time- 62 minutes)

So, based on this, my 20km time would be about 32 minutes which is just about my target for the cycling rate of the sprint triathlon. I’ve got about 18 weeks to go. Maybe I can bring it down to 25 minutes in a comfortable fashion. As my legs get used to the cycling and my technique improve, I hope to be able to go faster whilst still maintaining my 70% heart rate. One thing for certain, my bike is only a 10 speed which does leave me with fewer options as fas ar gearing is concerned. Also, I must incorporate some power training on hills to strengthen my legs. That doesn’t come in until about 4 weeks from now when I’ve lost more weight. If things go as planned I’ll be 90kg by then and I can start power training for oth cycling and running.


I have decided to devote more time in performing POSE drills so that my technique improves. I found a really great video on YouTube demonstrating some drills.

Many thanks to Dr. Ryan Hewitt and Coach Dan Vadala for the wonderful instructional video. Do go to their channel for other great stuff…

I know that my POSE form deteriorates when I run slower which I have to when I am on easy pace. The intention is to be start getting my muscles used to the POSE form. Hopefully I’ll be able to run faster whilst maintaining a moderate effort.


So I spent about 20 minutes doing the POSE drills described in the video. Just taking it easy and allowing my legs to ‘feel’ the experience. After 20 minutes I started to run my usual home park lap. I ran 3 laps followed by 5 minutes of drills between each lap. Why. I think when I perform the drills, the most important part of learning is to put it into practice. Only then will the drill make sense.

I think the same goes for my swimming drills. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing a lot of drills in the pool but they were done quite robotically. I’ll do 2 laps of a particular drill followed by 2 laps of another drill. The better way would be to do 1 lap of the drill followed by 1 lap of normal swimming and incorporating the new learning into that return lap.

Makes more sense to me and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.


Before my warm down, I finished with some running for 2 laps. My usual lap time is between 2:40 and 2:55. Today’s lap was done in 2:10 and 2:16. Definitely much faster than usual. Again, this is to make sure the drills gets incorporated into my normal running. But man was it tough. But that’s the pace I want to be at in 15 weeks time. With more weight lost and better running technique, I should be able to do it.

Tomorrow is rest day. Phew. Looking forward to that.

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