Daily Log 1 May 2011



I went for my third run in as many days today. It was the same format as last night’s run except I went for 7 laps instead of 10 making the total distance 7km. I went much faster than I did last night as I wanted to get my body used to running faster. I averaged about 9 mins 15 secs per km which is a good pace for me especially since I was doing my run fast and walk routine. I ran fast to get my heart rate to 80% MHR and walk until I get my heart rate back to 70% then repeat for 7 laps worth of running. Laps 6 and 7 were done at a higher intensity (85% high and 75% low MHR).

My POLAR data as follows:

Total Time 77 mins
Average cadence 71 (Phase 2) and 64 (Phase 3)
Average stride length 74 cm (Phase 2) and 79 cm (Phase 3)
Average Heart Rate 75% MHR (Phase 2) and 73% (Phase 3)
Running distance 4.76km (Phase 2) 1.38km (Phase 3)
Calories burnt 955 kcal

In the last 3 days I have run a total of 23km which is probably the highest intensity of running I have ever done. I remember I used to run about 30km a week but now with my cycling and my swimming it’s reduced to about 15km. I will need re-look at all my training as well as my schedule so that I don’t slack off.

On amore interesting note, I was also chased and nearly bitten by a dog while I was on Lap 7 tonight. I don’t understand people who let their dogs roam loose without a leash. The dig came at me a few times and I have to admit the temptation to kick it was very high in me but I managed to keep control of myself. A Jedi must not know anger. I did have some words with the owner though and told him that he should keep the dog on a leash when taking it out for a walk. I’m not sure whether it was the adrenaline rush or just plain old anger but that was my best lap at 8:55.


I bought a pair of ACE calf sleeves from Lafuma today. I’ve always wanted ro try them out and these ones were quite reasonably priced.

The sleeves acts as a compression system and according to the blurb on the website, they are supposed to support calf muscles, help increase blood circulation, reduce fatigue & cramps. I’m not so sure whether its working or not but I can tell you, they are very comfortable and I think I will make them a permanent feature of my running attire.

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