Daily Log 1 June 2011 – Can’t stop training to rest because of paranoia




Training is a combination of workouts and rest. Why. Any exercise or workouts is actually a process of damaging the body (particularly the muscles). The more intense a workout is, the more damage it will cause to the body. This may sound scary but the wonderful thing is that once the workout is done, the body immediately begins the process of healing itself and in the process making the body much stronger than before, provided you give the body the time it needs to heal i.e. rest.

This sounds logical and it makes a lot of sense. But sometimes, no amount of logic or common sense can overcome the paranoia of not training and I think I am slowly succumbing to that paranoia. Mondays are supposed to be my rest days but I hardly takes mondays off from working out. Yesterday and today is also a good example.

I have not been feeling well lately and am suffering from the sniffles and have now developed a slight cough. My body is still sore from the monday triathlon swimming workout. These are indicators that I should slow down or even stop completely from working out. The thought did cross my mind to take the day off and just rest but as soon as I think of that, the paranoia of losing 1 day of working out would kick in like it did today. I actually thought and believed that if I take the day off today I would not be ready in time for the PD triathlon.

So I went out for a swim at noon today and finished the day off with interval running. Not really an easy day, in fact it was moderately hard.

I know this kind of attitude is a sure recipe for disaster and I also know that I will probably still workout tomorrow (I am supposed to do a 30km time trial on the bike tomorrow as well as attend the triathlon swim workout at night). What I need to make sure is that I really listened to my body and stop when it tells me to stop.

I should take it slowly tomorrow. Maybe even take the day off.

Let’s see what happens.


I am still quite stressed out about the condition of my swimming and I know I have to do something about it.

So I did.

I thought to myself that my mind won’t rest until I swim non-stop for a distance of 750m. I went to the swimming pool and started the swim. I made sure I didn’t stop when I completed a lap so that it is as continuous as I can make it. Sure enough when I swam 100m (2 laps) I begin to struggle with my form as fatigue sets in. The only way to go on was to alternate between the slow and easy-going breastroke with the less slow freestye. That made it much more manageable for me. I was averaging about 1:15 per lap for my freestyle stroke and 2:00 with the breastroke. In total, it took me 27 mins to complete 750m. Not bad. Not good either but still not bad.

My plan is to gradually change the cycle so that the ‘easy’ breastroke  get’s lesser. So for my next workout I’ll do 2 laps freestyle and 1 lap breastroke and I would gradually change it until I can do the 15 laps continuously using he freestyle. If I maintain my 1:15 time for the freestyle I’ll do 750m in just under 19 minutes which will be a big achievement for me. Of course as my technique gets better I should be reducing my 50m as well.

This strategy is similar to the strategy I adopted for my running. Swim the distance in whatever time it takes so that I get a baseline and spend the training improving on that time. If I keep on incrementally stretching the freestyle and reducing the breastroke and I swim 3 times a week doing it, I will be able to swim all 15 laps in freestyle in about 3 weeks.

1 freestyle 1 breastroke 7 sets
2 freestyle 1 breastroke 5 sets
3 freestyle 1 breastroke 4 sets (and so on until)
15 freestyle 0 breastroke

Let’s see what happens in 3 weeks time.


I was scheduled to do interval runs today and eventhough I was feeling slightly under the weather, I went out and did it.

The workout only lasted for about 3 minutes and eventhough it was quite tough in the beginning, I felt my running getting stronger at the end.

Best lap today was 2:15 which considering my condition (with the cough and all) is a very good time.

Tomorrow is bike day and I hope to do it in the morning so I can give my body sufficient time to rest before the triathlon swim workout.

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