Daily Log 1 June 2011 – 50% swimming, 25% cycling, 25% running



OK. The triathlon is 4 weeks away and I don;t gave to tell you that I am getting anxious and my anxiety comes from the state of my swimming. So much so that I’ve decided to focus more attention on swimming than the other disciplines. Swimming is supposed to be the one where triathletes train the least (relative to the other 2 disciplines) but that doesn’t apply to me as my swimming isn’t up to scratch at the moment. When I become proficient and less clumsy with swimming, then I can start thinking about the other 2.


I went swimming again tonight though I am suffering from the flu. This sunday is the second triathlon clinic in PD so I get another chance to swim in open sea water. Because of the flu, I was seriously considering missing the triathlon clinic but all these thoughts left my mind completely when Grace from GraceTri-Bulations got in touch with me to ask about my swim. She found out about the triathlon clinic and without any hesitation committed to doing it. 

So after that, I put on my trunks and went to the pool for a workout (runny nose and all). Last night I swam breaststroke for 750m and it took me 31 mins. Tonight I did the same btut his time I alternated breaststroke and freestyle every 50m. By doing this i managed a time of 26 mins. Maybe there is hope for me after all eh?

I’m still not well and I hope this flu goes away by tomorrow. It’s not a great feeling to bike and run with my runny nose.

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    • I felt really awful on sunday morning. We had already made plans to go to PD. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity. You wrote a brilliant report as usual. I’ll PM you my mobile and we can chat about saturday. It’s going to be fun to do the sprint tri with you lah.

  1. Hi Reza, I just stumbled upon your blog and I’d like to wish you luck in the upcoming PD Triathlon.
    I am also entering the PD Sprint Triathlon for the first time (My first even Tri), and I’d have to say your training is going great. A lot more training than I have…. and I got a setback on Saturday, a car crashed into me while I was cycling – so, I’d have to be immobile for at least a week. The swim is also my biggest fear (and I’ve never done open water swim before).
    Continue with your training plan and I’m sure you’ll do good.

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck to you to for the sprint tri. We’ll be racing side by side…. As far as my training is concerned, I’ve been saddled with the flu lately and my training has dropped by 50% in terms of volume. I hope to get more fit by the 23rd.
      What a bummer about the car. I hope it wasn’t serious and I hope the bike is ok (well I hope the body is ok too- probably hoping more for body to be ok). I hear you about the swim. You should connect with Grace of http://gracestribulations.blogspot.com/ She’s doing the sprint tri as well and have kindly offered to take me and some friends swimming in a Lake in Templers Park as part of us getting over this thing with open water swim….

    • Hey Wendy, I’m scared of cycling for just this reason! (accidents). I’m just going to do 10 loops around the Kepong Botanical Gardens (paved road, but no cars = safe) to get the 20 km distance. Join me! I’m there almost every day either running or biking. And like Reza says, the Templer’s Park Pool will be a good place to do laps in semi-open water type conditions. During your downtime recovering from the bike accident, you can reccie/survey these places eh, maybe get someone to drive you there?

      • Hey Grace. I cycle in the house on a bike trainer and only recently have gotten on the roads. Am paranoid of cycling on the road and I do laps around where I live (i lap = 1km). One ting I find is that all the corners I have to negotiate makes for a good workout as I have to learn to use the right gears.

  2. I doubt I would ever get up the courage to cycle on the road by myself. Too many close calls. I have to give it to you for being so positive doing endless 1 km laps and seeing it as a good workout for gear shifting!

  3. Hi Race and Reza,
    I would love to join, but unfortunately I live in Penang. I tried to stay safe by cycling in a loop where I dont have to go across the road to turn, but this still happened.

    Both of you are an inspiration – despite the setbacks in your respective lives, you both still press head on with TT. I’d have to say, TT training does take a lot from the person, especially time, dedication and discipline.
    It’s not just being able to swim, bike and run. You need to be able to do all that consecutively.

    Grace, I read your blog yesterday. You’re lightning fast on the runs!

    Keep up the good work, and hopefully we can say hi to each other in PD.

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