Cycling issues


Cycling is still a mess for me..

I’ve been neglecting my cycling for the last few days as I am focusing all attention to swimming. Yesterday, I had some clip on tri bars installed on my bike. I don’t think I need it especially in the short distance sprint triathlons that I am choosing to focus on this year but I’ve always wanted to try it out. When I went to Rodalink they had some clip on tri bars going for very cheap (ish). I had them installed and tried it  out for the first time today. It was a major disaster.

I am not sure where I’m going wrong but every time I started to rest my elbows on the tri bar to go into the aero position my pedaling started to suffer. I find my knees clashing against my elbow. Even worse, I can’t seem to cycle up and down efficiently. My knees started to go sideways and I started to look like a bow legged thing trying to look cool on the bike. I got to get that sorted out quick. The worse thing I want is to pedal in the wrong position which could lead to injury which is a definite no no to me.

Still I managed to cycle for about 40 minutes. Next week I am declaring to be the week of the bicycle.

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