Canon versus Nikon

Well. I don’t normally fall into the ‘trap’ of comparing camera systems especially between the Nikons and the Canons of this world. I have long ago passed the equipment obsession mode so many of us (in fact maybe all of us) seem to go through. I am happy with my Canon gear though I must admit I did go through a stage of contemplating the switch when the D3 was announced. The main reason for switching was the 200-400 f/4, the 200mm f/2 and the nicely priced full frame D3. I decided against it because I asked myself whether my photography would change as a result of the switch. I’m not one to go pixel peeping and comparing noise control especially between pro-level bodies. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and in the end, it just wasn’t compelling enough (especially because Nikon doesn’t have anything to complete with my EF 85mm f/1.2 L).

But making that decision to stick doesn’t stop me from being a bit envious of Nikon users and a bit peeved at Canon.

Nikon just announced their new flagship speedlite, the SB-900 . Looking at the various reviews its gotten, especially from Strobist and Joe Mcnally, one can’t help wonder if Canon is just irritating its users or is just oblivious to user demand or just plain don’t believe in off camera flash photography. 2 things I in the SB-900 that I wished the 580 EX II has is the zoom function to 200mm as well as the built in optical slave functionality both of which gives more control and flexibility.

Well. Kudos to Nikon users. I think the SB-900 will give them much more flexibility and I acknowledge that the Nikon speedlite system is far more superior to Canons. If Nikon keeps this up and Canon keeps nodding off, I might just have to contemplate life again.

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  1. Hi

    Nice article. I too tried to stay away from the comparisons.

    But the other day i walked into a shopping centre and there was Nikon doing a demo in conjunction with one of the local camera stores. Well they invited me to try the D3 and since then I have really considered a switch.

    This would not hurt me too much in terms of equipment, I only have 2 lenses (18-55 Kit and 70-300) both of which would need replacing if I made the jump to a full frame Canon. The only thing that would hurt somewhat is my 580 EX II.

    Christmas is coming 😉

  2. Well Nealle. It would really hurt me too to switch from Canon to Nikon as I have invested quite a lot in Canon gear. There are also sentimental reasons as well as the first dLSR is a Canon 300D which I still have and I will never sell off.

  3. I feel the same way – the SB900 has some great features. Still, Nikon gear tends to confuse me. Every time I hold something made by Nikon that I haven’t played with a few times already. Whereas Canon gear seems natural to me, every time. I guess that’s also important – combined with the unrivalled 10-22mm of course 🙂

  4. Thanks for dropping by Sybren. I have never used the 10-22mm myself though I heard its a great lens. I have to say though that I do prefer the Nikon ergonomics. There’s just somethng about the way a Nikon fits into your hands.

    One more thing I love about the SB-900 is the filter holder thingy. Very useful I think.

  5. This topic has been discussed to death. However, I was in a similar shoe when my 1DMk3 crashed (yes, it does crash like my previous 10D and 20D) while shooting a function. Turning it off didn’t make a difference, the screen was still showing the last picture. I wouldn’t mind it if the camera cost RM3k or so but not on their so-called flagship camera. Or perhaps the flagship is beginning to sink??

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