Canon 1D Mark III recall

This is distressing news. Canon is doing a worldwide recall of their recently released Canon EOS 1D Mark III. I was fortunate to have gotten hold of the first batch when it arrived in Malaysia. Not all are effected apparently and they are recalling the camera bodies bearing serial number serial numbers 501001 and 546561 and as luck would have it, mine qualifies. Sigh. This is not a good week……

My 3 hopes when I get in touch with Canon;
-first, they need to able to give me a clear indication of the timings involve (when I can bring my camera in, how long will it take and therefore when I can get it back).
– second, that they will give me a replacement while I’m waiting for my Mark II to be fixed
– and last, that the warranty will be extended.

I’m almost afraid to call them. If I get a ‘I don’t now’ response I’m going to flip……

Click here for a description for a full write up of the 1D Mark III autofocus problems as first described by Rob Galbraith

Click here for an update of this post…..

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