Canon 1D Mark III custom function settings

This is sooo cool. I’ve been struggling to determine what custom functions to use on my 1D Mark III Canon. I found the website called abetterbouncecard by Peter Gregg, a photographer using the ID Mark III. He’s got an instructional video explaining the setting he uses for his 1D Mark III. A lot of his recommended custom functions settings is really quite good and I can’t wait to test out the camera with these settings.

The video is 49 minutes long so you better brace yourself.

3 thoughts on “Canon 1D Mark III custom function settings

  1. Dear Peter,

    Thank you for the time and effort you have put in to your video. It is greatly appreciated and may I say how much I enjoyed the presentation. It was extremely informative, but in a fun sort of way ie not too formal.

    Once again many thanks,

    Kind regards,


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