Brick (ish) bike and run 8 March 2011


My current running form – March 2011

I did a brick(ish) workout today. Why the ‘ish’? Well. I had cycled for about 30 minutes (average 64% MHR) and had about a half hour break lounging around before I went for my tempo run. I’m really not sure whether it qualifies as a brick workout at all but it saves me from writing 2 posts about it. I am having great difficulty on the bike and I think it’s because I started to mess around with the seat height. I bought some clip on tri bars the other day and I can’t seem to pedal properly when I’m in the aero position. My knees keeps hitting my elbows and I figured that maybe I should make the seat higher. Higher it went and it still feels awkward. My legs seems to bow out uncontrollably. This is something I need to sort out very soon as I don’t want to keep on pedaling with this very unzen position. I wrote about being one with the water earlier. I also need to be one with the bike. Being one with the bike doesn’t include the very very close feel I have with the saddle at the moment (ouch).

The run was a tempo 5 km run in my usual home park. 14 laps in all would make 5km. I went 5 laps at slow easy pace (75% MHR) and the next 5 at a fast (for me) and hard pace at 85% MHR. The remaining 4 laps was run at an easy 75% again.

These are the lap times:
Lap 1    3:51
Lap 2    4:04
Lap 3    4:02
Lap 4    4:03
Lap 5    4:05
Lap 6    2:56
Lap 7    3:07
Lap 8    3:10
Lap 9    3:07
Lap 10  2:56
Lap 11  3:55
Lap 12  3:42
Lap 13  3:18
Lap 14  3:36
Total 49:59
Average hart rate 77% MHR
I’m very puzzled at the times I got for the last 4 laps. It seems that I was running faster in the last 4 laps than I was in the first 4. It’s a mystery to me. The average pace I maintained for those 5 laps is 3 mins 3 secs which is still far off from the 2 min 30 secs I need to achieve a sub half hour 5 km. Please tell me where I can find that 27 seconds?
I’ve been pretty consistent with my run times in the 5 kms that I run during training even after a bike workout. I’m sure when I start doing hill climbs and more intervals/fartleks my timing will improve. It will definitely improve when I start to lose more weight especially when I reach my desired weight of 85 kg.
I’m due to run 7 km on saturday in a race held in conjunction with Federal Territory (FT) Day in KL at Merdeka Square. I’m not going to push myself too much during this race. This one I just want to finish with the least amount of drama. A 1 hour race for 7km will do me nicely for the time being.
Let’s see what the next few weeks will bring.

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