Breakthrough run- 10km – 1 hr 50 mins


My Polar FT60 showing my distance
for the run I did today

I had a breakthrough run today. I ran a full 10km non-stop in 1 hr 50 mins. This would have been the last thing on my mind last year when I wasn’t very fond of running. Though the pace is extremely slow, I am happy to be able to focus on my endurance. I ran at an effort of 77% MHR. My main focus of this run was to obviously run 10km but also to see if I can maintain my form after a long run.

After an hour of running I began to slip into a sort of different kind of awareness and everything seemed to melt away. All I could hear was my breathing and my voice. I developed this routine during my run where I would keep saying 1 word over and over again followed by the lap number. The run took 28 laps around my home park and I had 28 words to say, one for every lap. What kind of words? Well, it ranged from ‘smile’ to ‘strong’ to ‘courage’ and finally ended with ‘I did it’ for the last lap. So if you were there you would see this odd guy, running in the rain, muttering to himself, ‘ eight, eight, smile, eight, eight, smile, eight, eight, smile’.

The other thing I do is to smile throughout the whole run. I think it helps me as it keeps my cheerful especially when it get’s tough along the run.

Tonight I had to ice my ankle down as I think there’s some swelling. Nothing more than usual though but something to be expected after break through runs like the one I just did. This week is all about recovery. Light and easy. No hard stuff.

Everything is going as planned.

Remember, if I can do it, you can do it too.

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