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Me and my cycling helmet

My cycling is really awkward. My knees will start to bow out after awhile and I am not able to keep it in a smooth motion. Today I decided to look at my bike setup and see if there are any changes I need to make. I am a really big fan of Dr Nicholas Romanov and the POSE Method and have used the POSE Method of running to improve my running technique.

Not many people know but Dr Romanov has developed POSE Method on other disciplines as well including swimming and cycling.

There’s not a lot of resources you can find on the internet regarding POSE Method on swimming and cycling and I haven’t heard of any clinics on either. There’s a book which I intend to order though.

Back to cycling. There’s a really useful video on the POSE Method Youtube Channel regarding setting up the bike which I’ve embedded below. The logic of it stills escapes me but what I do know is that much like POSE running, POSE cycling uses gravity to help us cycle. How? I’m not really sure.

I did try out the setup tips as explained in the video and found that my saddle was about 1 1/2 inches higher than recommended. So I lowered the seat and started to pedal. It seems a bit smoother now but it’s tough to tell. I have to cycle for some time to see if it works.

There’s also a cool video on cycling drills on POSETV conducted by Pose Triathlon Techniques Coach Jennifer Meyers. One of the drills is to practice cycling from 1 to 3 o’clock where the most power is generated according to POSE cycling.

Jennifer also has a website with lots of resources in it called with more drills for triathlons.

Anyway, off to swim now. Will write more about cycling soon.


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