Are you committed to what you want to do?


My current running form

I’m looking through all the postings I’ve made since I started this blog and I know its pretty focussed on exercising. I put as my tagline ‘If I can do it, you can do it too’. The purpose of documenting my journey is hopefully to inspire people to move to action and get closer to their dreams. Right now I want to share my thoughts on the word COMMITMENT.

I learn through the years that there is a big difference between being Committed to something and being interested in something.

I am committed to the idea of competing in a triathlon. What does that mean in terms of my behavior and my state if mind? In 2004, I was enrolled in joining a kind of business entrepreneur boot camp called ‘The Business School for Entrepreneur‘ or BSE. This is 8 day programme which is based on accelerated learning techniques organised by a company called Excellerated Business Schools.

I don’t want to go into what goes on during the BSE (you have to find out yourself) but one of the most powerful principles I learnt is something called WEIT which is an acronym for ‘What Ever It Takes’. This is one of the easiest principles to know and yet one of the most difficult to master.

Whenever I think about committing myself to something, I always ask myself ‘am I willing to do What Ever It Takes to get it done’. If I find myself saying no, then I am not truly committed to it. I am just interested in doing it. There’s nothing wrong with  that unless I try to fool yourself by saying I am committed when I am actually only interested.

COMMITMENT with the philosophy of WEIT means that whatever obstacles or challenges or failure is treated as something that needs to be solved.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It will be done.
It doesn’t matter how big the fall is. Just pick myself up.
It doesn’t matter how catastrophic the failure is. Just learn from the mistake.
It doesn’t matter if resources are unavailable. Just find it.

Being INTERESTED means that any obstacles or challenges or failure is an opportunity and excuse to not continue doing it. It will be done only if it’s convenient. I am INTERESTED in many things in life and I acknowledge it. But the few things I am COMMITTED to I am committed to do WEIT to see it through.

As I said earlier, I am COMMITTED to the idea of committing in a triathlon and other challenges beyond that. That commitment arose from my desire to get fit and healthy and finally take charge of my body. To achieve what I want to achieve requires effort as well as changes in many things:

– I have to change the way I run so that my biomechanics of running becomes more efficient
– I have to change the way I cycle so that my biomechanics of cycling becomes more efficient
– I have to change the way I swim so that my biomechanics of swimming becomes more efficient
– I have to learn and change my understanding of nutrition so that I can fuel my body more effectively
– I have to understand my mental state of my psychology so that I can get mentally tougher
– I have to completely change the way I run my life including getting rid of all the habits I’ve accumulated over the years

To do this I have to COMMIT to absolute technical excellence and continuos improvement in all these aspects. If I was merely interested, I wouldn’t care.

How has the journey been so far?

My running technique has improved though there are still a long way to go (see my earlier post on my running problems). I run about 30km a week which I have to carefully increase to 50km. It’s been a painful journey in the beginning and I used to have to ice my ankles, calfs and knees every night and I was walking with a limp for weeks. The pain, when it’s there, is almost unbearable to the point of tears. It’s getting better now after I attended a running clinic. To date I have read almost 10 books on running technique and slowly but surely after doing a lot of drills I am getting better.

I haven’t started on my swimming yet. I did a swim a few weeks ago and it was horrible. I found myself not moving a lot. My strokes were messy and I can’t sustain any speed at all.

My cycling is also messy as the muscles I need to be strong in order to pedal is underdeveloped and I don’t have any power in my pedaling at all. That’s ok for flat rides but hills will be my downfall if I don’t improve.

Even though there are times when it’s painful, this journey is probably the most satisfying in my life and the learnings I get from this experience permeates my entire life and I know that every day brings me closer to achieving what I set out to achieve.

I would say again, understand your level of commitment in what you want to do. Would you WEIT to get it done. Are you sure you are not only interested? It’s ok to be either committed or interested. It’s not ok to be only interested but yet declare a commitment. Perhaps its semantics but it is that distinction which would help me achieve what I want to achieve.


If you have dreams go for it. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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