Another major milestone. I am officially under 100kg


The clothes I wore for both set of photos are the same

Stop. Drop everything. Listen up. Read all about it.

When I started my journey towards triathletism (is there such a word?), I weight in at 120kg (264 lb) and my waist measured at 116 cm (46 inches). I couldn’t run. I struggled to get up the stairs.

I decided to get fit and started to swim, bike and run. The journey has been a long one. There were lots of firsts like:

– my first 5km
my first 10km
– my first personal half-marathon
my first running event – the FT Day 2011 5 km run
– my first bicycle
my first proper swimming lesson
my first full body checkup

It wasn’t all easy. When I started running I struggled with pain in my ankles, knees and toes. In fact the whole of my lower body, joints and muscles, screamed in pain.

I really had to change the way I eat and became more conscious of food. I stopped drinking soft drinks, halved my usual rice intake, started eating more regularly instead of starving and binging. I used an iPhone app to make sure I am on track (myFitnessPal).

I worked out almost everyday and logged the following data:

Days – 179
Workout duration – 276 hours 16 mins
Calories burnt – 109792 kcals
345 sessions
401.6 km of running

And I just got the results of those effort.

99.4 kg from 120kg. Phew. What a journey

Today I weighed in at 99.4 kg (219 lb) and had lost 17% of my body weight. This is the first time I have gone to double digits kg since about 8 years ago.

This is a real vindication of the effort I’ve put into the work in the last 6 months.

I know I am still considered obese and have some ways to go. I am aiming to lose another 20kg bringing my weight to 80kg.

These are the rest of the data (in cm)

Sept ’10  Mar ’11
Right bicep       39          35
Left bicep         39          35
Chest                119       112
Upper stomach 112        99
Stomach           123       106
Waist                116       101
Hips                 126       110
Right thigh.        69        59
Left thigh           69        59

I’m swimming, biking and running more nowadays in an effort to build my aerobic base before I start intensively training for the triathlon in July. I still run an awfully slow pace (about 9 mins per km) but hey, I’m still considered obese and have some ways to go before I reach my ideal weight.

Life is so much more exciting these days and I feel like a little kid. People have been writing in telling me that they got inspired to run and workout more. That feel gratifying for sure.

I do have so much more I want to do especially in terms of my running. There are 3 running events coming up soon and I can’t wait for it. The triathlon is coming up in July and I’m really looking forward to that (despite my issues with swimming and running).

It doesn’t have to be about the triathlon or anything physical like that. It could be your dreams. The things you’ve always wanted to do but always put off for a later time. What always say to yourself you’ll do someday. Go after it. Find a way to do it.

At least once in your life find something to do that requires you to push beyond your limits, physically, mentally or emotionally. Take the chance and see what you are capable of. Once you done it, you’ll never be the same. We are all born to be amazing. It’s not about what you’ve done in the past. It’s about what you do now.

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