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This was how it was.....

I coined the phrase ‘Reza Ali Reactivated’ because that’s exactly what I feel like because today, I resolve to compete in a triathlon.

What is about me that I can share that would make sense to people? Some of the more flattering descriptions people have used to describe me includes trainer, photographer, teacher, motivator. Pleasing to the ear and great for the ego. But I know that less than flattering descriptions have also been used which includes fat, obese, unfit, smoker.

I find myself dreading going to places where I would have to climb a flight of stairs for fear of running out of breath and breaking out into a sweat (and of course looking uncool). No matter how much money I spent on clothes, they never really made me look good and I began to not care what I looked like. Between 2008 and 2010 I gained a total of 20kg so my pants would only fit me if I squeeze every last inch of my waistline into the same belt that I used before. It was a great feeling when I was finally able to let the belt loose and restore normal circulation and size.

As a personal development trainer, I would share principles of living a successful life. More than once I would detect the hidden smiles of my participants, as if asking ‘how can he share these principles looking like that?’

One night I sat down and realise that I hated what i had become and it was time for a change.

At that point in time, the relevant facts were:

weight 120 kg – 45 kg overweight

waist 46 in

Blood pressure 146/90 (mild hypertension)

As I write this post, that was about 5 months ago.

I started this blog as a way to share my journey. I do not think my story is unique. In fact, maybe its the norm.
I write as a way to reach out to people and perhaps inspire them to action.
I write as a way to share the pains I go through in taking charge of this aspect of my life.
I write as a way to share what I learnt so that others may learnt from it too and in turn, I can also learn from others.
I write as someone who was overweight who knows the struggle and how rough it can be.

So far, competing in a triathlon is the most difficult undertaking in my life. I have to make so many changes not only to my lifestyle but also to the way I do the simplest things like run.

Many have inspired me in my journey and I always say, ‘if they can do it, then I can do it too’.

So maybe by reading this, you would one day say, if Reza can do it, then I can do it too’.

Reza Ali

26 Jan 2011

1 thought on “About Reza Ali Reactivated

  1. Dear Reza,

    I am rooting for you from the bottom of my heart! Run Reza, Run!

    You will cross that finish line and go beyond. You are an inspiration! 🙂

    Love and gratitude,
    Ken Chee

    P/S: I used to be a hard core smoker for 10 years since 15 years old. I quit by running and swimming.

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