6.5km Tempo Run – 29 January 2011


View of the lake when I started…

I did another tempo run today. I decided to spend the weekend in Cyberjaya’s Cyberview Lodge. There are a lot of man made lakes in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya and running along the waterfront is a great feeling. I started at about 6 PM. The sky was already dark and there was a slight drizzle. This was the view I had of the lake.

I was running at my usual base pace at 71% of my maximum heart rate and sustained it for about 3 km. I was still going strong after half an hour of this. I then pushed the pace to about 81% of maximum heart rate and sustained it four about 1.5 km. Then I slowed back down to 71% (though it was tough to lower the heart rate down to that level. I managed about 75%).

View at 7:15 PM

At 7:15 PM I was still running and I realised that this run was the longest in terms of duration as well as distance. I found that I had covered 6.5 km and was still strong enough to go on. I wanted to hit the 10km mark but it was already getting late and I had other stuff to do.

I think running at places with beautiful scenery really helps me enjoy the run. One of the things observe in other runners is the tortured look that they have on the faces. Sometimes it feels painful to me too but I learnt to keep on smiling. It really helps push through the pain.

Right now I’m resting for my final run this week. I want to break through to 8km this afternoon. Tomorrow is a much needed rest and recover day.

What I learnt? Find something enjoyable is everything we do, even if it feels painful and torturous. If we have to do it, might as well enjoy doing it otherwise don’t do it at all…..

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