>5km Tempo Run – 3 Feb 2011


Running in the rain

Another day on the legs today. Halfway through the week is a 5km tempo run. The last time I did this was on 27 Jan 2011 though for some reason I didn’t record the time for that one.

These are the splits from today’s run:

1. 4:28
2. 3:51
3. 4:05
4. 4:04
5. 4:11
6. 3:24
7-14 25:24 (couldn’t record due to rain)
3 min 10 secs

Total 49 mins 30 secs
Lap time 3 mins 32 secs

If I compare this against yesterday’s run when I did 5 sets of intervals at sprint speed, it’s interesting to note that today’s time is faster than yesterday’s time by about 2 mins and the lap time faster by 9 secs. I think it’s because running flat out requires me to run much slower in order to recover between intervals and the rest of the laps was just slow easy running. The fastest lap yesterday was 2 mins 50 secs whilst the fastest lap today was 3 mins 24 secs. I ran at an average of 78% MHR and maxed out at 89% MHR.

Another 5km recorded

When I got to lap 7 it started to pour down with rain and I mean pouring down. There was no thought of me giving up the run although I was deeply concerned for my iPhone (which I tucked into my fuel belt). It’s fun to run in the rain. Somehow the world gets quieter and I like the idea of braving the elements. Besides , when it comes to race days, I’ve got be prepared for any weather otherwise what does being committed mean? I was soaked right through to the skin. I got a bit worried about my feet and shoes as running in soggy shoes could lead to blisters. Luckily, no blisters today.

Now is rest time. Tomorrow is another day….

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