5km Tempo Run – 27 Jan 2011

Reza after 5km tempo run on 27 Jan 2011

I did a 5km tempo run today. Running at 60-70% MHR (zone 1) for 60% of the distance and 70-80% (zone 2) for the remaining 40%.

Tempo runs are a critical component of running training. It’s simple. You start at a slow base pace for 40% of the distance then go to a faster race pace for 20% of the distance and then slow back down to slow base pace for the remainder of the distance.

It’s strange to discover that an increase of 10% of my heart rate can result in a 25% increase in speed. I tried very hard to keep my heart rate below 80% but it would still creep at 82%. I think it’s because of the warm weather. I need to find ways to cool down my body temperature by drinking more fluids not only during the run but before and after. I discovered that I drink way to little water for my body weight and size.



My splits are as follows:

1. 4.06 Z1

2. 3.57 Z1

3. 3.52 Z1

4. 4.01 Z1

5. 4.39 Z1

6. 4.00 Z1

7. 3.15 Z2

8. 3.23 Z2

9. 3.26 Z2

10. 3.29 Z2

11. 3.15 Z2

12. 4.06 Z1

13. 4.15 Z1

14. 4.03 Z1

Total time 57 mins 24 secs
Average  3min 54 secs

The pace is still low but at the weight that I am currently carrying as well as my general level of fitness I’m quite happy. Everything is going as plan as I am confident that both my base pace and race pace will increase over time.

Anyway, if your objectives are high, keep in mind that you only need minor improvements from day to day. Over time, those improvements will accumulate.

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