5km Run – Intervals 2 Feb 2011


My shoes on some pebbles after
my run today

I ran another 5 km today. It does seem a bit ludicrous to do this everyday. Running is now such an enjoyable experience and each run gives me so much satisfaction. Didn’t think I would ever say that.

Today’s run was great and the pain I used to feel on my right calf has disappeared.

This time mixed with some interval sprints. The laps are as below:

1. 3:11
2. 3:00
3. 3:02
4. 2:50
5. 2:59
6. 4:27
7. 4:19
8. 4:27
9. 4:02
10. 4:17
11. 4:10
12. 4:07
13. 3:52
14. 3:46

Total 51:29
Lap time 3mins 41secs

I ran at an average of 75% of MHR and peaked at 95% during my sprints. Phew. Those were hard. I didn’t want to do the intervals for more than 5 laps and settled back to a slow pace for the remaining distance. Still, I am happy that ran 7 laps under my usual 4 mins (especially the last 2 laps- the first 5 as it was sprinting was expected). I would never dream of running at more than 85% MHR for long durations though I think I am either getting fitter or my running biomechanics getting more efficient.

Still, it’s very gratifying to see that I can average about 3 mins per lap with the bulk that I am carrying. If I can achieve this pace running at about 80% MHR (which therefore makes it sustainable over long periods of time) then I’d be running the 5 km in 42 mins easily which is a pretty exciting thought. Of course, if I can run it at 2 mins then I would run the 5 km in 28 mins which is even more exciting. Let’s see what happens in 3 months.

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