5km Intervals 7 Feb 2011


Still smiling…

I changed my running routine today and included some sprints for 5 laps of the total 14. The sprints was ran way up high in zone 3 whilst the rest of the run was in the low zone 2 and high zone 1. It really took a lot out of me. Whilst on other runs I know I could have run more even after I achieved my distance, this time I was virtually at the point of no return for the last few laps and I don’t think I could have run more or run faster. The splits were as follows:

1. 3:50
2. 3:55
3. 2:58
4. 3:06
5. 3:07
6. 3:11
7. 3:33
8. 3:27
9. 3:27
10. 3:06
11. 3:13
12. 3:06
13. 3:05
14. 2:35 (fastest)

Total 45 mins 40 secs

Lap time 3 mins 12 secs

The average heart rate was 82% MHR and I maxed out at 102% which is getting me a bit worried as I think the maximum heart beat calculated by my watch is correct. I think my maximum heart rate could be faster than 180 beats per minute. I need to get a proper physical test at the hospital (more on this in later posts).

I am happy to have achieved a lap time of 2:35 despite my near to blowing out status at the end of the 5 km. I need to teach my body and my mind to summon those reserve energy I have stored in me at the end of the run. I think it’ll make a lot of difference mentally so that I won’t be afraid to push it at the end.

I’m laying off running for the next few days and focussing instead on my cycling. Same strategy for that. Start off at an easy zone 1 pace for a few weeks before I start trying to get some speed in.

The focus as always is on endurance and teaching my body to endure pain and fatigue.

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