5 km run at base pace – 25 Jan 2011

After 1 hour of running, still feeling good....

I ran another 5 km on wednesday  at 71% Maximum Heart Rate MHR (see here for an explanation why at this pace). I’m still running the park so that I can measure the splits which are as follows:

Lap 1. 4.41
Lap 2. 4.03
Lap 3. 4.12
Lap 4. 4.08
Lap 5. 4.10
Lap 6. 4.18
Lap 7. 4.21
Lap 8. 4.20
Lap 9. 4.23
Lap 10. 4.29
Lap 11. 4.14
Lap 12. 4.17
Lap 13. 4.31
Lap 14. 4.33

Total 60 mins 40 secs

I ran at an average speed of about 4 mins 17 secs per lap which is a little more than half my current race pace. I still feel great and think I could have run more than 5km but it was already getting very late (about 10PM) and I didn’t want to make a habit of exercising to late at night.

I have come to love running at this pace and enjoy the feeling of building my endurance. The pace doesn’t really matter to me at the moment though I suspect that over time, my pace will increase whilst maintaining the same pace. It’ll be interesting to see how the pace will improve when my weight comes down to the desired levels.

I experimented with using my iPod for a little over half the distance and ran the rest without it. I think I prefer running without the iPod. There’s a certain sense of solitude when I run without any music and it’s something that I have come to cherish.

As hard as I try to, I can’t seem to slow my pace down enough to get between 60% and 70%. The magic figure seems to be 73%. This is based on an assumed maximum heart rate of 180 beats per minute (using the normal rule of thumb of 220 less age to give the maximum heart rate). Pretty soon, I need to measure it exactly so that I can start training at the proper intensity.

Total cal burn during this run according to the Polar FT60 was 411 cal.

Mood for today’s run is 9.
Motivation level for next workout is 9.

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