5 km run 6 Feb 2011


I ran in my Vibrams today. Woo hoo.

Phew. The last run of the week. This weeks is quite monumental as far as progress is concerned:

Tuesday 1 Feb 2011- I did my first cycle/run brick workout in my life. 20km on the bike and 5 km running.

Friday 4 Feb 2011- midnight 10 km run. Only the second 10km run I’ve ever done (the first was last week) and I better my time.

The last run was equally monumental as it was 5 km full on. My splits were:

1. 3:37
2. 3:47
3. 3:42
4. 3:45
5. 3:30
6. 3:22
7. 3:17
8. 3:16
9. 3:10
10. 3:01
11. 2:44
12. 2:47
13. 2:44
14. 2:40

Total time 45 mins 22
Lap time 3 mins 12 secs

My Polar FT60 recorded an average heart rate of 83% MHR which is a far higher pace then I usually run and it shows in the lap time which are all under 4 mins with the last 4 laps at under 3 mins. I kept holding back when I saw my heart rate go beyond 85% and only let go during these last 4 laps.

I still have a lot of fear at seeing how long I can go full out. Judging by the times I recorded and how I felt in these last 4 laps I think I can start letting go earlier and perhaps go under 3 mins from lap 8 onwards. A little caveat though. This run was done at night. If I ran in the middle of the day with the sun out, the times and feelings will be different.

Let’s see what happens…

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