>31 Jan – 6 Feb weekly report


I ran 32.6km this week

Ok. I’ve decided to do a weekly write up as a sort of update of my progress for the week.

According to my Polar FT60 these were my progress:

Time exercising 10 hours 45 mins
Calories burn 4951 kcal
Total running distance 32.6 km
Total time spent in heart zones:
– Zone 1 3 hours 48 mins
– Zone 2 4 hours 18 mins
– Zone 3 2 hours 21 min

Manual records:

Cycling distance 40km


First Brick workout 20km bike/5km run
Midnight Run 10km

I’m also planning to start declaring my workouts at the beginning of the week so that I can compare what I’ve done against what I’m supposed to do. I’ll start doing that next week.

Let’s see what happens in 3 months time…

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