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Why I Will Never Retire

I’ll be live streaming again at 1700 20 June 2020. The link to the livestream is as below.

Everyone goes through a phase of not enjoying their job and feeling that their career is going nowhere. Sometimes that feeling never really ends and when that happens, the only recourse is to look forward to retirement.

I was so unhappy with everything in my life and felt so lost and alone.

But there are a few things that happened that change the course of my life forever.

In this episode of The Learning Experience I share the story of my career and what I’ve learnt that will make me never retire.

No matter at what stage of your life you are at the moment, whether you just graduated and starting out with your career or you feel you are at the tail end of your career, I hope that you will learn something that can help you.


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Why do I spend so much the vlogging? There are many reasons but my most important reason is that I want the world through YouTube to witness to my life.


My Daily Vlog During The MCO

I vlogged daily and uploaded 58 videos on my YouTube Channel during the MCO from 18 March 2020 to 12 May 2020.

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Behind The Scenes Of My First Live Show

I decided to take the plunge and host my first live stream show on YouTube. I called it What I Wished I I knew When I Graduated’ and you can see the video here It was an awesome experience and I learnt a lot about the technical aspects of live streaming as well as the content aspects. Please check it out. More live streams are coming.

The Learning Experience YouTube

What I Wished I Knew When I Graduated

I am conducting a live workshop on YouTube 10 AM 14 June 2020


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10:00 Session Start

11:30 ~ 12:00 Session End

11:45 ~ 12:15 Post Show Virtual Workshop on Zoom (limited to 10 people only)

There will be intermittent short breaks of 3 minutes during the session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from this video?

These are exciting times for you if you are in University or have recently graduated. There is a new definition of normalcy and things are changing at such a fast pace that its hard to keep up.

But some things will never change including what it takes to nurture a successful career. After 25 years of working in world class organisations and eventually in my own company, there are a few things I wished I knew when I started my career.

I have condensed it into 3 things I wished I knew. All related to the concept of VALUE.

And maybe they can be useful for you too. At the end of this session I hope that you will have a clearer sense of what is needed to become a valued employee in any organisation.

Who is this for? I’m not a fresh graduate. Will I still benefit from the session?

I think so. I believe that even those who have worked for years can benefit from the sharing. In fact, I believe the sharing will benefit you especially if you do not possess a degree.

Is there a fee? Do I need to register? Do you want my email id?

No. Its streamed on YouTube and completely free. All you need is a browser or the YouTube app on your phone. And this is not for generating leads.

How do I view it?

The YouTube video link will be published here by 9 AM 14 June 2020. Please return to this page at that time. Or you can go to my FB Page. The link will also be published there at the same time.

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Reza Ali

Can my friends view it?

Of course. This is open for all. Please share this link with your friends or family who you think can benefit from the session.

Can I ask questions?

You are encouraged to ask questions through the chat window. If you have any questions you want to ask on the topic before the session, you can leave it at the comment section on this page. However you need to be logged into Notion to do that.

What Is The Post Show Virtual Workshop on Zoom?

This is part of our experiment. We want to organise a more interactive session after the show ends. It will be a video conference call format where everyone’s video will be turned on. This gives for a more interactive and intimate session. The link will be published during the show.

Will there be any materials for the session?

Any materials in terms of articles, worksheets, videos etc etc will be shared on a Notion Page. The link is



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