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Change Starts With Me

I want to share a true story. This happened to me nearly 10 years ago. I was conducting a workshop and one of the participants was being extremely disruptive.

I was so stressed out that I nearly lost it.

Watch the video to find out how how I handled it.

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Vlog 003 – The Red Challenge

I decided to go on a walkabout and do a Red Challenge.

What’s a Red Challenge?

Its where I take pictures with the colour red as a theme. It’s more challenging than I thought it would be.

I also talk about some of the gear I use which includes the Panasonic GH2, the Sony A7 II with 24mm Samyang f2.8 lens, the Olympus Tough TG870, the Panasonic FZ300 and the Zoom H1N handy recorder.


I also introduced a new sountrack which I intend to use for future intros and outros.

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First Time Vlogging In Public

My first time EVER. I was waiting for my wife to finish her shopping and I just decided to switch the camera on and start vlogging. Of course I though everyone was watching but in truth, nobody cared. So I’m a happy camper. Big lesson. Check exposure and white balance.

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Vlog 002 – Setting Direction

This vlog is about setting direction as to where I want this channel to go. I googled on checklists and items to think about when starting a YouTube Channel and I came accross this article

It gave me some things that I need to start thinking about including:

Step 1 – Choose Your Audience
Step 2 – Invent Your Vlogging Brand
Step 3 – Create Your Channel Art
Step 4 – Plan your vlog content
Step 5 – Get Comfortable On Camera
Step 6 – Find Your First Subscribers
Step 7 – Network and Collaborate

I don’t have answers to most of the things above so the next few days, weeks and months is about looking for these answers. There are a lot of technical issues with this video including:
– framing and composition (my hands looks like its separate from my body)
-multicam (I actually set a second camera so that I can experiment with a multicam setup. That failed miserably)
– I wish the Panasonic FZ300 had a wider lens.

I think I may now need to switch to the Sony A7II with 16-35mm

The video also lacks:
– a story
– music
– proper intro and outro
– b-roll apart form the screenshot

The big plus though is I am pushing forward and gradually becoming more myself in front of the lens.

Equipment Camera
– Panasonic Lumix FZ300
Microphone BOYA BY-MM1
Software DaVinci Resolve 15

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Vlog 001 – Raw And Unedited

Hello world.

My first vlog. Raw and unedited.


Camera – Panasonic Lumix FZ300
Microphone BOYA BY-MM1