Race Report Port Dickson International Triathlon 23 July 2011

Race Report

PD International Triathlon

Sprint Distance

23 July 2011

I’ve been training for 7 months to get to this stage and this is a validation of all the effort I’ve put in. Obviously I’m still alive enough to write this Race Report. So here goes.

Swim 750m

It’s no secret that I am a weak swimmer. In fact, out of the 3 disciplines of the triathlon, swimming is by far the weakest of them all. I have had several disasters during swim especially in the Hoohathlon as well as the Triathlon Clinic I attended.

This morning I tried something new and went for a warm up swim at the beach for 20 minutes. And actually it felt great. After the swim, I walked slowly from the beach area to the Marina, getting ready for the pontoon start.

I hated the idea of starting from the pontoon. I think it’s because I have to jump right into the deep end. I waited around for 15 minutes before it was time to start swimming. When the horn blew, I didn’t give myself a chance to think about anything and just jumped in. My strategy was to do the breaststroke until I got comfortable with the water. Then I would switch to the freestyle.

When I jumped in I had to make sure that my goggle was tight and that no water seeped in. I could feel just a little droplet of water in my left eye and I hesitated to move forward and actually started to turn back. But I knew if I turned back all sorts of drama could happen so I decided to move forward instead of turning back.

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Daily Log 4 July 2011

I went for the monday triathlon swim workout tonight and was really suprised at how much my swimming form has changed ever since I got that snorkel contraption. I wasn’t swimming at a champion pace but I managed to swim 1.5km in 53 minutes using a combination of 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke. I’m really happy with that. If I keep this up, then the 750m swim during the sprint triathlon should be manageable provided I don’t freak out.

Weekly Log 27 June – 3 July 2011 – Still sick


It’s less than 4 weeks away from the triathlon in PD and I am still not well. My training has dropped by 50% in terms of volume and this week I took three days off. Sigh. This is not going very well and I can almost feel my form dropping (not that I was really on form anyway). I missed the NTV7 7km run on sunday as well as the second triathlon clinic ( I had to choose between the two and ended up not going to either because of my flu).


This is how the week went:

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Daily Log 1 June 2011 – 50% swimming, 25% cycling, 25% running



OK. The triathlon is 4 weeks away and I don;t gave to tell you that I am getting anxious and my anxiety comes from the state of my swimming. So much so that I’ve decided to focus more attention on swimming than the other disciplines. Swimming is supposed to be the one where triathletes train the least (relative to the other 2 disciplines) but that doesn’t apply to me as my swimming isn’t up to scratch at the moment. When I become proficient and less clumsy with swimming, then I can start thinking about the other 2.


I went swimming again tonight though I am suffering from the flu. This sunday is the second triathlon clinic in PD so I get another chance to swim in open sea water. Because of the flu, I was seriously considering missing the triathlon clinic but all these thoughts left my mind completely when Grace from GraceTri-Bulations got in touch with me to ask about my swim. She found out about the triathlon clinic and without any hesitation committed to doing it. 

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