>Weekly Log 28 March – 3 April 2011

> Me and my swim coach Saiful   This is how the week went: This is how this week went. Monday SwimTuesday Run, bike and swimWednesday Run and swimThursday Bike and swimFriday SwimSaturday Swim and runSunday Rest This week was a bit messy for me. I had intended to start getting up early to go …

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Daily Log 2 April 2011 – Swim and Run

My swim coach, Saiful, and me..


I had my third swimming lesson today. The last time I had my swimming lesson was 3 weeks ago and in that lesson we discovered 2 things:

1. That my recovery is sloppy- I lead with my palm instead of my elbow
2. I have to start kicking

So I’ve been going to the pool almost every day for the last 3 weeks doing a lot of drills and a lot of laps. My usual workout consisted of the following:

Superman glide
Slow pace Freestyle
Freestyle with fins
One armed freestyle with fins
Lazy arm
Moderate Freestyle
I’m happy to say that after all those drills, I can now see some results. My recovery is now better and I am leading more with my elbow (not perfect but definitely better).

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Daily Log 1 April 2011 – Swim


If it looks like I seem to be writing about swimming a lot, it’s because I’ve been swimming almost every night for the last 2 weeks. It’s my desperate attempt to master this portion of the triathlon in the quickest way possible.
I think I’m making good progress and am hoping to be able to some long slow swim soon.
There’s also the open water swim which I have to experience soon.
In the meantime, the pool will do.

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Daily Log 31 March 2011 – Run and swim


Traffic stopping for me during the World Kidney Run 2011


I’ve been feeling lethargic the whole day today. I have several projects coming up in the next few months and have been working hard to ensure success. There’s also been some stress and worries on my mind lately and it has had an impact on my state of mind. When the mind is troubled the body cries out. I wanted to go for a run this morning and for the first time I couldn’t summon the will power to get up. Are all these hours of training catching up with me?
I hope not. My morning resting heart rate has been consistently in the 50 to 53 beats per minute. If I’m suffering from overtraining then one of the first indication is an elevated morning resting heart rate. Overtraining syndrome is a killer and one which needs to be monitored and avoided at all cost. I’ve been going at it pretty hard over the last few weeks and even though I maintain a low to moderate effort (I rarely go beyond 85% Maximal Heart Rate – MHR) I should give my body ample time to rest which admittedly I haven’t.
I’ll write more about overtraining syndrome in a later post.