Daily Log 29 April 2011



Aim low. Train small.

Aim High. Train big.

Which one gives a better result?

There are 83 days left to the Port Dickson International Triathlon which makes it 12 weeks from today. I will start my 12 weeks Sprint Triathlon training come this monday. I believe the brain is a powerful thing, more powerful than we can ever imagine. If you give it a problem or a challenge it will work on it until it finds a solution. Of course you have to make sure you ask the right question otherwise the answer will just not make sense or even worse, the answer is completely contrary to what you want.

So today I gave it a problem to solve and I’m giving my brain 12 weeks to find the solution. In exactly 12 weeks from tonight it will be the eve of my first sprint triathlon event and in approximately 10 hours time I will begin the race. So today, I simulated the sprint triathlon by doing a brick workout. Though I’ve done brick workouts before, this is the first time I did all three disciplines in a single (well singlish anyway) workout. I went to the pool and swam 1.3km, rushed back home and did a 20km bike ride followed immediately by a 5km run. Though the racing conditions won’t be the same (I think there was a gap of about 40 minutes between my swim and bike workout), it’s close enough. In week 12 I intend to do the same workout and hopefully I will do it at Port Dickson itself (but that’s another story).

Having done the workout, all I have to do is just ask myself (and my brain) what is the solution to me completing the sprint triathlon with the following time:

Swim – 12 minutes
T1 – 3 minutes
Bike – 25 minutes
T2 – 3 minutes
Run – 30 minutes

Total Time – 73 minutes

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Musings and Thoughts / Race Hoohathlon


Customer service is sometimes a bit of a challenge for all of us. I have to admit. I’m a bit finicky when it comes to customer services. I do expect a certain level of service from people. For the longest time the experience of buying stuff from shops or ordering things on line has been lacklustre so I’ve given up.

I had an extremely wonderful experience this morning which has restored my faith.

I’ve been trying to register for the hoohathlon which is organised by Hooha.asia (more on the actual event later). Last night I logged on to the website and began filling in my details. There was a glitch when I proceeded to the payment page and I couldn’t make payment. It was a bit puzzling as I have registered though Hooha.asia before for the NTV 7 Feel Good Run.

I’m the kind of person who likes to continue doing it until I get through. After 11 attempts over 2 hours I gave up and decided to leave it for the night and try again later.

This morning I received a call from Mr Suren from Hooha.asia apologising for the inconvenience and offering help and support.

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Daily Log 28 April 2011

> RACE What a great day for me today. I have been waiting for the Port Dickson International Triathlon registration to open and have been patiently browsing the Triathlon Malaysia website every day and today I got to finally register. I’ve also been thinking of registering for the Adidas King Of The Road Malaysian edition …

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Daily Log 27 April 2011



You ever get the feeling that once in awhile everything just seems to click together? It felt like that with my running today. I am entering a new phase of my training. All my workouts in the last 6 months has been focussed on building mileage in all the 3 triathlon disciplines. This is often referred to as the Base Phase. Often the Base Phase is not as long as what I went through and the reason is that I’ve been focussing on losing weight. Hence I preferred my workouts to be slow (i.e. between 65% – 80% MHR) so that I would burn more fat. Another reason is that I have not been doing any real exercise in about 10 years or so. I didn’t want to shock my body that much. Besides, training should focus on either one of two objectives, weight or power and these 2 objectives shouldn’t be mixed.

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Daily Log 26 April 2011



Who are the masters in your life and do you resent them. I wrote earlier about the principles of Mastery which lays down some sound principles for personal growth. There are 4 major steps and 2 key principles and I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.

One of the major points relates to masters in our lives,

‘Another step on the path to mastery is the removal of resentment toward masters. Develop compassion for yourself so that you can be in the presence of masters and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself and resenting people who have mastery, remain open and receptive; let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you that, with nourishment, will grow into your own individual mastery’.

This is one of the least understood principles in Stewart Emery’s powerful piece. Who are masters? As I look back in my own journey over the last few years there has been occasions when certain individuals would push me to the brink. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to go through it and often times some resentment would creep in and I begin to wish they would leave me alone even though they are simply asking more out of me.

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>Weekly Log 18 – 24 April 2011

> Photo by Johan Sopiee MUSINGS AND THOUGHTS I’m watching a recording of the 2011 Boston Marathon as I write this and Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai is about to run his last mile. What an amazing runner. I know he’s about to run the fastest marathon recorded with a time of 2 hours 3 mins 2 secs. If …

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Daily Log 24 April 2011


Ever had a bad day or even a miserable one? I’ve been having a bad week this week and it’s not a great feeling.

One of the most profound concept I have ever come across comes from Brian Tracy’s Change Your Thinking Change Your Life.  The book contains a lot of sound principles and the one that impacted me most is the concept of Self Ideal versus Self Image.

We go to movies and root for the hero and sometimes we fantasize and idealise that we are the heroes we are rooting for. Growing up, I used to daydream that I was the Jedi Knight destined to save the galaxy or the archeologist adventurer off to far away lands in my hat and bull whip or even the underdog boxing hopeful having to fight against all odds. It makes me feel good to become the hero, even if it is only in my mind.

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Daily Log 23 April 2011


Today is a really bad day as far as my emotions are concerned. I’ve had a sort of upheaval in the last 24 hours and have felt really let down by people around me. I suppose it is the time for that. I’ve been on a high over the last 6 months so perhaps it’s only natural to go through these periods.

Admittedly, some doubts have begun to creep into my thoughts. I think it was brought about by my 5.5km timing at the Energizer Night Race. I’m not improving on my time at all and it’s stagnant at about 8-9 mins per km. I know I have to acknowledge that I am still carrying a lot of excess weight and that my times would naturally get faster as I lose my weight. It still doesn’t leave me with much confidence.

We all go through doubts sometimes. What do we do about them?

Well, the first thing I do when I have doubts is to acknowledge the doubts (writing this bog is part of acknowledging doubts as I do write whatever comes to my mind when I write my Musings and Thoughts). Ignoring the doubts is probably the worse thing we can do.

Once the doubts are acknowledged, then we can go about dismantling the doubts bit by bit. For me, a major cause of the doubts is my own unhappiness regarding what has transpired over the last few days. I know I have to address those disappointments someday. That’s another story.

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