I am one with the water……


Reaching out….

I went swimming at Bukit Utama after my tough run today. Ever since my first swimming lesson I’ve been quite focussed on getting the technique correct, at least enough for me to swim a few lengths of the pool. I’ve been reading up on swimming technique especially on Total Immersion Swimming. One of the things Terry Loughlin (the creator of Total Immersion) writes about and teaches is the superman glide which as the name suggests is to glide like a superman in the water.

You know the pose. Arms stretched out in front. Body straight like an arrow. The purpose of this exercise is to achieve what Terry calls relax into weightlessness. He explains it very well in his PDF ‘Self Coach Workshop’ which you can download from the Total Immersion website,

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Tough run – phew


Reza in motion…

Today I went for some interval training which consisted of 1 km easy run followed by 3 times 200m sprint followed by a 3 km easy recovery run (was supposed to do 5 times but my legs were not cooperating). It was a tough one today and my heart rate went up to 98% MHR during the 200 sprint. In the intervals that I did in the past, the distance was about 100m and I could just about handle that. Today’s intervals was twice the distance. It was a tough one. I lost my steam when I reached 100m and had slowed down considerably at 150m.

I very nearly gave up swearing never to do this again. But I knew that I will never run this fast in any running event or for extended periods of time. These types of running is just used as part of training to increase my fitness and my race pace. I resisted temptation to give though I did reduce the intervals from 5 to 3.

My Polar FT60 told me that I was running at a maximum of 17.6km per minute. This is slower than Haile Gebrselassie’s marathon world record pace. I’m amazed that the top runers in the world can go faster than how I ran today. My sprint pace is their race pace. Wow…..

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Testing my new camera (and improving my stroke)


I bought a new camera today, an Olympus Mju Tough 8010. It’s a waterproof camera and I’m having so much fun with it. I want to record and document as much of my journey as possible and it’s perfect for video and still work.

See the video below.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading up on swimming technique and I downloaded a PDF by Terry Loughlin of Total Immersion Swimming fame.

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