Farewell to my faithful companion


Two Polars – RS 800 and FT 60

Who am I saying farewell to? My Polar FT 60.

It’s funny to write about something like a heart rate monitor but I’ve always had difficulty getting rid of stuff because of the emotions I attach to them. Call me sentimental but that’s how it is.
I first wrote about my Polar FT 60 way back when I started this blog in January. It’s an important (and perhaps the most important) training tool anyone could have as it monitors the most important part of the human body, the heart.
When I began to really understand the power of using the heart rate monitor I was able to plan my workouts and make sure every minute of time and every ounce of effort counts.

Daily Log 25 March 2011 – Run and swim


The changes un my running form

Today is about more running and more swimming.

I’ve been working out twice a day this week at a moderate to hard effort. My calorie burn used to average about 600 kcal per day. This week it’s gone up to about 1000 kcal a day. That’s quite a big change and I find myself wanting to sleep earlier and whilst in the past it would take me awhile to nod off after hitting the sack, this week it’s almost immediate. I’m also finding myself wanting to take afternoon naps more often.

I did a little boo boo today. I’ve been experimenting a lot with my new Polar RS 800. I especially love the ability to design workouts and I’ve been trying out different ways to try to find what works. Earlier in the week I designed a workout which is based on a tempo run.

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Daily Log 24 March 2011 – Bike and swim


There’s always time to promote myself…

No running today. Today’s focus is on the bike as well as the swimming.


I cycled for 30 minutes on the trainer today, focusing on making each pedal stroke is smooth and keeping my heart rate at a moderate level. A nice gentle warm up for 15 minutes at 65-70% MHR, 10 minutes at 70-75% MHR and spending 5 minutes warming down .

I have to admit that I’m feeling the pressure now. Even the short 10 minutes at 70-75% MHR seemed like an eternity to me and I can feel the onset of fatigue coming on at the end of the 10 minutes getting to the warm down stage felt like paradise. My Polar RS 800 registered just under 8km and an average heart rate at 66% MHR. How on earth am I going to get to 20km and have enough energy to run another 5km?

My cadence averaged at 69 per minute and I know I need to be able to comfortably achieve a cadence of 80-90. I just have to focus on technique and making sure my pedaling is smooth. I need to get the bike refitted I think. I am not feeling too comfortable riding at the moment.

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Daily Log 23 March 2011 – Swim


Breath. Breath. Breath…

Swimming has taken top priority for me. It is now the weakest out of the 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. And the fact that it’s the first discipline in triathlons makes it all the more stressful for me.

Still, I am always one who is ready for a challenge. I will focus a lot on swimming technique over the next few weeks. I wrote about my swimming issues earlier so today I wanted to focus on making sure I lead with the elbow instead of my palms. I think it’s better now but I need feedback from my swimming coach before I can be sure. My next lesson is on saturday so I’m going to focus on swimming everyday till then.

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Daily Log 23 March 2011 – Tempo Run


My current running form
Another day has gone by and each day gone makes really excited about the next day coming.
In yesterday’s dailies I wrote about using my new Polar RS 800 and using the customise features.
I forgot to write yesterday about my first real grouse regarding the Polar RS 800.

If you look at the picture of the Polar RS 800 you can see a red button right underneath the main display. This is the ‘OK’ button and is a critical one. This is the button that starts everything and is also the button I need to press in order to take lap times.  Just a little grouse Polar if you are reading. You have to make the button more user friendly. In the run yesterday I’ve pushed the button accidentally and it would record a lap time too early. Although it takes some getting used to maybe you could put an option for ‘confirm’ lap time requiring users to press twice.

Daily Log 22 March 2011 – Tempo Run


My current running form

This post is one day late. I need to make sure I write these things down as they happen.

After buying my new Polar RS 800 I decided to take it for a spin. I have been used to running with my Polar FT 60 and my new RS 800 takes it to a whole new level. One of the features that attracted me to the RS 800 is the ability to create custom exercises. I tried creating one for this run just to see what it can do.

So the exercise I designed is basically split up into phases as follows:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes 60-69% MHR
Phase 2 Moderate run 10 minutes 70-79% MHR
Phase 3 Hard run 10 minutes 80-85% MHR
Phase 4 Moderate run 10 minutes 70-79% MHR
Phase 5 Warm down 15 minutes 60-69% MHR

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I have a new fitness coach – The Polar RS 800


The Polar RS 800

I bought a new Heart Rate Monitor the other day, the Polar RS 800 Training Computer. It is touted as the top of the line by Polar and it doesn’t disappoint. You can see the spec at Polar’s website on the RS 800. Athlete’s Circle was doing a promo on the watch. Pay for the RS 800 SD and get a free GPS sensor thrown in. I’ve been eyeing the RS 800 for the longest time. I already have a heat rate monitor, the FT60  which has been faithfully helping me train at the proper heart rate.

Why the fuss over heart rate monitors. See my earlier posts on it here and here.

There are a few things that I want to do with the heart rate monitor which I cant with my current FT 60.

The RS 800 has a 3 line display whilst the FT 60 only has 1. I’ve always been kind of annoyed that I have to start pushing buttons on the watch whenever I run and I want to see what’s going on. Now I can just select the display I want and see exactly what I want to see. The other that I always fuss about is the lack of a stopwatch and lap functions. I’ve been using my iPhone stopwatch functions to record my laps. Now I can just push a button and the lap times and data is automatically recorded.

But these 2 things in itself doesn’t make me train better. It’s a chore but still doable. What makes the RS 800 soooooo brilliant is it’s ability to do multi sports.

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>Weekly Log 14 – 20 March 2011

> At the World Kidney 7km run This is how this week went. Monday RestTuesday RunWednesday Morning Run and cross trainingThursday Swim and RunFriday SwimSaturday Rest and Pre Race PrepSunday World Kidney Run And swim What a week. I am feeling quite tired at the moment and am looking forward to resting these next few days. I’m making …

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Race Report – World Kidney Run 20 March 2011


My second race ever

This morning I ran in the World Kidney Run 5km race held at Dataran Merdeka, which is the same venue as last weeks race, the FT Day 7km Run. I wrote about my pre race prep last night and one of the worries I had was not getting enough sleep. I hit the sack at about midnight last night and sure enough, I was not able to go to sleep until about 3:30 AM which gave me about 2 hours sleep. Needless to say, my energy level was at a low when I got up to get ready for the run. The thought of not waking up and missing the race did cross my mind but I knew I’d regret it big time later. So I got out of bed, had a shower, did my prayers and got ready to go. We got there at about 6:45AM and parked about 1.5km away from the starting line. This gave me a chance to do my slow warm up.

My warm up lasted about 30 minutes and consisted of a slow run to bring my heart rate from 50%+ MHR to 70% MHR. I have just discovered the importance of warming up and I wanted to make sure I follow all the best practices.

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Pre Race Prep – World Kidney Run 20 March 2011


Check out the TShirt. Meet Racer Number C2167- Reza Ali

OK. It’s that time again. I’m running in my second race ever and my first 5km event. The World Kidney Run 2011 will be held tomorrow morning. I’ve entered the Junior Veteran Group. Registration time is 7AM and flag off is at 7:30. The route will be similar to the route I ran last week during the FT Day 2011 7km run (less 2km of course). I really learnt a lot from that race and will make changes tomorrow.

These are the major changes I’ll be making:

1. SLEEP. I didn’t have much sleep before the race last week. In fact I hardly slept at all. Tonight, right after writing this post I’m hitting the sack. I have to be up by 5:45 tomorrow which will give me about 6+ hours sleep. Of course thats assuming I sleep immediately.
2. Warm up for a full 15 minutes gradually brining my heart rate from 50%+ to 65% and eventually to 70% MHR by the time I’m supposed to start running.
3. No following of the crowd. I’m going to run at my own pace and not be influenced by the moment.
4. Run first 500m at 70% MHR, increase to 75% MHR for the next 1 km, 80% MHR for the next 2 km, 85% for the next 1 km and go to 85% and beyond for the last 500m. I find myself a slow starter and I need to increase my pace gradually.
5. Smaller steps for the hill portion of the  race. Last week I nearly blew the hole race when I encountered the hills. I haven’t had time to get used to hill running yet so tomorrow I’m going to take it easy for the hills.

My target for tomorrow is as follows:

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