Portraits- Altin Tafilaj

This is a new friend of mine Altin Tafilaj who plays the viola. I offered to take his portraits and we had a fantastic time trying out different poses and positions. He was most patient with me when I was figuring out the lighting strategy. This one is my favourite. He is part of a …

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Carlos Kalmar conducting the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Carlos Kalmar at the DFP

I was fortunate enough to be asked to take pictures at the Malaysian Dewan Filharmonik Petronas with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing. The guest conductor was Carlos Kalmar. What a night. The intensity and energy of Maestro Kalmar was amazing…..

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Mr Freeze

Walking in Bukit Bintang you can sometimes see strange and wonderful things. This fellow created quite a stir when he started his act. He just stood there motionless sometimes for minutes. Once in awhile he moves to a new position. I would love to see his eyes but I suppose he keep it hidden to hide the pain of discipline…

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To M8 or not to M8?

I have fallen in love with rangefinder shooting and film. Ever since I got my Leica M6 TTL I’ve taken about 50 rolls of film. There’s just something about it that makes you want to make any excuses to take pictures. I still have my dSLR and lenses and use it to take pictures but I have to admit that its losing its appeal. I can still make great pictures with them and I’ll probably continue to use it but I now feel the lure of the Leica M8.

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