I was catching up on my blogwatch today and I found this post in Jim Talkington’s on photosynth. I was really left a bit speechless and my mind was going overtime on the possibilities. Photosynth is a new software developed jointly by Microsoft Live Lab and the University of Washington. Basically you take a …

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My Journey in Mastering Portrait Photography

I wanted to show the changes and evolution I have gone though in my portrait work. Right from the very first portraits I took nearly 2 1/2 years ago until the very recent. What a journey. Lots of mistakes. Lots of learnings. Lots of fun. Lots of pain and anxiety.

So ladies and Gentlemen, I present you ‘My Journey in Masteting Portrait Photography’.

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2008 Inaugural Merdeka Award Recipients Announced

The 2008 Inaugural Merdeka Awards recipients were announced yesterday.

I’ll let you read the announcement in The Star.

The interesting thing here is that no award was given for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement. This signals the extremely high standards of evaluation for potential recipients which is a great thing.

The Recipients are:

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Merdeka Award

‘The Merdeka Award was established by its Founders, namely ExxonMobil, PETRONAS and Shell, on the 27th August 2007. It is an award that aims to recognise and reward Malaysians and non-Malaysians who have made outstanding contribution to the people of Malaysia in their respective fields.

It is named the Merdeka Award to commemorate the true spirit of independence which transcends the conventional definition of national sovereignty. It explores the liberation of the mind and spirit – factors which foster the realisation of human potential and the pursuit of excellence. The Merdeka Award aims at the encouragement of going beyond the ordinary and of stretching beyond comfort zones aspiring to create a new mindset among Malaysians.

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Athletes blog for Beijing 2008 Olympics

About 100 athletes are blogging about their 2008 Beijing Olympics experiences in a special blog created by Lenovo. Go here to read the Voices of the Olympic Games Its so amazing to read about their experiences. Makes the world a little smaller and makes me feel more involved (and more inspired to go to the …

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Taking pictures at the Olympics have started….

The 2008 Beijing Olympics started with a huge bang I find myself being glued both to the TV as well as my Mac. Lots of blogs to read regarding the Olympics. One great one is Vincent Laforet’s blogging for Newsweek. Vincent is a photographer covering the Beijing Olympics who takes the time to write down his experiences for the 2008 Olympics. You can read his blog here…

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Tony Blair at the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Lecture Series

Tony Blair

I was given an invite to attend the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Lecture Series which featured Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. He spoke about ‘Upholding The Rule of Law – A reflection’ and I must say, he is an impressive and animated speaker.

One of the best quotable quotes during the lecture was this,

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