20 km bike ride around Putrajaya


View during my ride. This is near
Pullman Hotel

I did a 20 km ride around Putrajaya this afternoon. Today was particularly tough as I find myself getting increasingly frustrated at my lack of power during the pedalling. The view was great though and even with all the frustration, it was a great ride.

I don’t begin to seriously work on my cycling technique until mid feb. To be honest, all rides so far including today’s has one sole purpose, which is to get me used to the saddle. No joke because my rear end feels extremely sore right now. People tell me that I’ll soon get used to it. Well, now is a good time to stop feeling the saddle sore.

Another nice view

I didn’t really record the time for today’s ride as I know it’ll be incredibly slow. As I continue to say, pace is not the focus now. Endurance is.

20km on the clock

Not much more to write this time round other than the fact that it’s nearly 10 PM and I am going out for a run. I don’t know why but I have this sudden itch. I probably shouldn’t indulge that itch and rest but since I’m not pushing any pace here and just going for my usual base pace at 70% MHR I think it’ll be a nice way to end the day.

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