>14 Feb-20 Feb 2011 Weekly Report


I’ve started my swimming

Another week. This week was an interesting one though:

Monday Run
Tuesday Brick 20km bike 5km run
Wednesday Elliptical Trainer
Thursday 5km tempo run
Friday Elliptical trainer
Saturday Swim – Yayy!!
Sunday Free weights and Elliptical trainer

Calorie burn 5254 cal

Overall mood – Still fun
Milestone – Saturday’s swim

Big learning – Gotta make sure I don’t skip meals. Must properly to fuel my workout. Monday’s run was a disaster.

I had so much fun relearning how to swim.  My freestyle stroke was a major disaster. It’s still a disaster but on a smaller scale. Ever since I did the swim I can actually now visualise a triathlon much better. Before this, I couldn’t put the 3 disciplines together. Now at least I can have a picture of what it feels like.

One thing I noticed which is a big concern is that after being in the pool for an hour, my legs felt like jello and I wasn’t able to walk properly. I now have new respect for the triathletes who can get out of the water, run to transition area and jump onto a bike. This is something I have to get used too. I’m hoping to have my first full swim bike run session soon and experience it all once so that I know where I need to focus on. I’ve done a number of 20km bike and 5 km run back to back and i was able to survive it. I’m looking forward to that.

Next week is hoping to be a busy week. I’m going to be busy most days so I’m going to have to get those late nights or early morning workouts.


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