2017 Standard Chartered KL International Marathon 

The last minute of the last stretch of the Standard Chartered 2017 KL International Marathon 

How To avoid website drama if you don’t have an IT Department

My life in the last 7 days has been a roller coaster or joy and frustration. I have abandoned my various websites for quite a while and I decided last week that I needed to get it all updated.   http://Rezaali.my is my personal blog.   I decided I’m not going to spend a lot … Read more

Presentations Academy Batch 45

Have just completed Batch 45 of Presentations Academy. Very satisfying indeed. Lots of transformation in the way the Learners present. 

If You Succeeded Without Failing Then You’re Probably Aiming Too Low

Ten Reasons To Compete In Triathlons

I started to compete in triathlons a few year ago.It was the most rewarding experience of my life. I have some questions for you. Have you noticed the few extra pounds hanging onto your mid section? Do you find yourself struggling when you have to get through a flight of stairs? Do you lose your … Read more

The LearnedR Mindset

A Learner mindset is very important to have if you want to grow. In our training, I take a lot effort and time in the process of persuading a participant to shed the LearneD mindset and shift to the learneR mindset. One of the strategies that help participants to shift to a learner mindset is to give them the famous LearnedR cap.