‘You do not lie with words, nor should you lie with photographs’

The above quote was taken from a page in the American National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) website.

The author of the NPPA’s code of ethics as found in the NPAA website is John Long who is the
NPPA Ethics Co-Chair and Past President who wrote it in September 1999. He writes in the section called ‘Changes to photographs’ that,

‘I do not think the public cares if it is a little lie or a big lie As far as they are concerned, once the shutter has been tripped and the moment has been captured on film, in the context of news, we no longer have the right to change the content of the photo in any way. Any change to a news photo – any violation of that moment – is a lie. Big or small, any lie damages your credibility’.

Utusan Malaysia

New Straits Time

I am not aware of any such code of ethics for photographers in Malaysia. Maybe its time we have one. Enough said. See here for the New Straits Time article and here for the Utusan Malaysia article…