Daily Log 12 May 2011



Tuesday’s and wednesday’s workout was very intense involving interval trainings for both the bike and the run. On top of this was the Core Workout for both upper body and lower body. My body is reacting to the load and it’s screaming for me to slow down a bit. I was supposed to go for an easy 30 minute jog followed by a 2 hr swim workout (I did the run bit didn’t do the swim).


After the interval training yesterday, today’s run was more of a recovery run. Nothing too hard and not too long either. 10 minutes warm up followed by a 10 minute moderate run followed by a 10 minute cool down. I now do a lot of transition workouts which involves a 15 minute easy warm up on the bike before I run (or an easy 15 minute cool down running after a bike workout).

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Race Report – Larian Bomba 8 May 2011 10km



My fourth race of the 2011 season (I never thought of my years in terms of seasons before)- The Larian Bomba 2011 10km run held in celebration of the World’s Firefighter’s Day.

This particular race was full of drama for me and I learnt a lot about myself today.

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Daily Log 6 May 2011



I’ve been slowly increasing the intensity and duration of my weekly workouts as part of my effort to transition from the Base Phase into the Build Phase of my triathlon training. The base Phase is all about getting mileage in all the 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running and it involved long hours of working out at a slow pace. The Build Phase is all about pace and power which involves lots of speed work such as interval and fartleks. Another way of describing the difference between the 2 is that the I would stick to between 70%-80% (sometimes 85%) MHR for the Base Phase whilst I wold push my heart rate to beyond 85% MHR for the Build Phase.

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Daily Log 4 May 2011



I had a late meeting at one of the Towers at KLCC this afternoon. To wait out the heavy evening traffic I decided to run at KLCC Park for the first time. I’ve always wanted to run there but never actually got round to doing it.

The running track around the park is 1.3km long and I went round 6 times (5 laps run and 1 lap walk). I find it odd to be running with other runners as I usually run alone. I found that I couldn’t focus on my own running pace and at times started to run faster than usual. I know this is odd as all running events has other people in it and I can’t expect to run alone.

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Race – Larian Bomba 2011 10km


I registered for the Larian Bomba 2011 10km run which is heldon 8 May 2011 in conjunction with the International Firefighters Day.

This will be 4th running event for the year (actually for my entire life so far) and at 10km will be the longest. Cut off time for this 10km is 90 minutes. It’s a bit daunting for me as I can manage 100 minutes for the 10km (last night’s 10km was 100 mins).

The route is roughly the same as the FT Day 2011 7km run and the World Kidney Run 2011 5km. I surveyed the route this morning and found it to be quite nice.

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Daily Log 30 April 2011


I have a few 10km runs coming up in the next few months (and even a 16.8km run in October) and I know that I had better start training for it. Running 5km will not cut it anymore. Some of the events coming up are:

8 May 2011 Larian Bomba 10km

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>Weekly Log 28 March – 3 April 2011


Me and my swim coach Saiful  

This is how the week went:

This is how this week went.

Monday Swim
Tuesday Run, bike and swim
Wednesday Run and swim
Thursday Bike and swim
Friday Swim
Saturday Swim and run
Sunday Rest

This week was a bit messy for me. I had intended to start getting up early to go for either a run or get on the bike. At this moment, I can’t afford the time in the afternoon to really get a good workout so I have to start getting up earlier. Besides, most of the races I’ve entered are held in the wee hour of the day (apart from the Energizer Night Race).


When I ran on saturday, I wrote about a discrepancy between my iMapMyRun GPS data and my POLAR stride sensor data. The GPS data stated that I ran about 7km (6.93km to be precise) whilst my POLAR stride sensor recorded 5.92km. This is something that’s been nagging my mind lately and I would need to calibrate the stride sensor. The only way I can do that is to find a known distance and run that distance with the stride sensor. Finding a known distance is going to be a pain. The best way is to find a 400m track. Maybe I’l go hunting at the schools where I live.


My swimming is getting better and I am gaining more confidence now. I have to do all sorts of drills during my time in the pool. It also serves as a great workout for me. I used to dread swimming laps and the thought of swimming 15 laps to complete 750m used to be daunting. When I do my drills, I am able to switch off in a manner of speaking. Before I know it I would have done 20 or 30 laps in the pool. Saiful, my swim coach, has given me new drills to do which is harder than any of the drills I’ve been doing so far. I can’t complain as I know the drills are helping me swim better and faster.


I didn’t really get a chance to bike this week. OK. I’ll take that back. I haven’t bothered with my bike this week preferring instead to focus on swimming and running. I know this is not the way so I’ll have to be more disciplined and start getting the distances on the bike, on the road preferably or the trainer if I must.


Running is, well, running. I know I’m getting faster. How fast I’m not so sure. Because of the calibration issue, I can’t really trust the distances recorded or the speed. And I’ve been running on the road a lot more lately rather than my usual run in the park near where I live. Tomorrow morning I’m going to run my usual laps and see how much faster I have become.

I wrote about a bit of pain I had on my right foot on wednesday and had decided to lay of the running for a few days. When I ran on saturday everything felt fine and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I have to focus more on the bike this week and will make sure I get at least 3 workouts on the bike. Swimming is still a priority for me and I intend to swim every night.

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Daily Log 2 April 2011 – Swim and Run

My swim coach, Saiful, and me..


I had my third swimming lesson today. The last time I had my swimming lesson was 3 weeks ago and in that lesson we discovered 2 things:

1. That my recovery is sloppy- I lead with my palm instead of my elbow
2. I have to start kicking

So I’ve been going to the pool almost every day for the last 3 weeks doing a lot of drills and a lot of laps. My usual workout consisted of the following:

Superman glide
Slow pace Freestyle
Freestyle with fins
One armed freestyle with fins
Lazy arm
Moderate Freestyle
I’m happy to say that after all those drills, I can now see some results. My recovery is now better and I am leading more with my elbow (not perfect but definitely better).

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Race Report – World Kidney Run 20 March 2011


My second race ever

This morning I ran in the World Kidney Run 5km race held at Dataran Merdeka, which is the same venue as last weeks race, the FT Day 7km Run. I wrote about my pre race prep last night and one of the worries I had was not getting enough sleep. I hit the sack at about midnight last night and sure enough, I was not able to go to sleep until about 3:30 AM which gave me about 2 hours sleep. Needless to say, my energy level was at a low when I got up to get ready for the run. The thought of not waking up and missing the race did cross my mind but I knew I’d regret it big time later. So I got out of bed, had a shower, did my prayers and got ready to go. We got there at about 6:45AM and parked about 1.5km away from the starting line. This gave me a chance to do my slow warm up.

My warm up lasted about 30 minutes and consisted of a slow run to bring my heart rate from 50%+ MHR to 70% MHR. I have just discovered the importance of warming up and I wanted to make sure I follow all the best practices.

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