Daily Log 4 July 2011


I went for the monday triathlon swim workout tonight and was really suprised at how much my swimming form has changed ever since I got that snorkel contraption. I wasn’t swimming at a champion pace but I managed to swim 1.5km in 53 minutes using a combination of 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke. I’m really happy with that. If I keep this up, then the 750m swim during the sprint triathlon should be manageable provided I don’t freak out.

My strokes are getting smoother though I know I still have issues with my breathing. Something I will correct eventually. For the time being I want to focus on increasing the freestyle to breaststroke ratio so that I can build up my swimming stamina.

On another note, Grace had kindly offered to take me out on a swim outing on saturday at Templer’s Park natural pool. Thanks Grace. You’re becoming a life saver ad we’re going to conquer this triathlon together.

Daily Log 1 June 2011 – 50% swimming, 25% cycling, 25% running



OK. The triathlon is 4 weeks away and I don;t gave to tell you that I am getting anxious and my anxiety comes from the state of my swimming. So much so that I’ve decided to focus more attention on swimming than the other disciplines. Swimming is supposed to be the one where triathletes train the least (relative to the other 2 disciplines) but that doesn’t apply to me as my swimming isn’t up to scratch at the moment. When I become proficient and less clumsy with swimming, then I can start thinking about the other 2.


I went swimming again tonight though I am suffering from the flu. This sunday is the second triathlon clinic in PD so I get another chance to swim in open sea water. Because of the flu, I was seriously considering missing the triathlon clinic but all these thoughts left my mind completely when Grace from GraceTri-Bulations got in touch with me to ask about my swim. She found out about the triathlon clinic and without any hesitation committed to doing it. 

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Daily Logs 27, 28, 29, 30 June 2011 – Busy working on my book ‘ReActivate Your Life – How To Make Changes And Achieve Anything You Want In Your Life’


OK. I have been neglecting writing here for a few days. So now I have to make a quick recap of the activities during the day. Before I do that, the book ‘ReActivate Your Life – How To Make Changes And Achieve Anything You Want In Your Life’ that I’m writing is going well and my new website will be launched next week. I’ve also been working on some audio recording as well as articles about some of the principles I’m going to include in the book.

The other exciting thing is that I have registered as a contributor to ezinearticles.com. I’m still a novice at writing and this is one of the steps I’m taking to improve my writing. Have a look there if you have the time.


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Daily Log 25 June 2011 – Pre Race Prep for The Standard Chartered KL International Marathon

Tomorrow is the Standard Chartered KL International Marathon, the premier running event in Malaysia. About twenty thousand people have registered to run for the various races, 42.2 km, 21.1km, 10km and the fun run 5km. I entered the 10km race which is due to flag off at seven o’clock.

This will be the second 10km event that I have entered, the first being the Larian Bomba where I recorded a time of 93 mins. My target is to first better that 93 mins and then to break the 90min barrier. Going by the pace that I’m running these days I should be able to do it in 80mins (if I don’t walk). This will be a true test of the state of my mind as I would suddenly stop running in the last few races for no reason at all and because of that, my time suffers.

So regardless of pace, I will make sure I don’t suddenly stop running. Tonight’s going to be an interesting night as I want to get an early night sleep which will be real challenge as I don’t sleep easily.


I did another brick bike and run workout today. Nothing to intense, just half an hour for each of the workout. As the day of the triathlon gets nearer, I have to really get used to the transition between the bike and the running.

An interesting thing to note is that I must remember to start if slowly for tomorrow’s race. Whenever I start off strongly I always tire out in the end. Hopefully for this race I can get faster and faster rather than slower and slower.

Wish me luck and keep an eye out for the race report tomorrow.

Daily Log 24 June 2011


I had another rest day today. I haven’t given myself the luxury of 2 rest days in a row since I started this journey way back in Nov 2010 (8 months ago). Why the 2 rest days? Well, I’ve been terribly busy with my book as well as putting the final touches to my new website. That is the official excuse.

The real reason lies in the fact that I feel very tired, both physically as well as emotionally. A lot of worries regarding my training (especially my swimming) has been nagging at my thoughts. I find myself taking things too seriously. Don’t get me wrong. When I workout, I do so with a ferocious intensity and it’s serious business. The problem was that I’m beating myself to much and too easily when I don’t get the results I want. Sometimes I yearn for things to be like 6 months ago when every workout was an adventure.

So yesterday and today I decided to focus my attention to my book and website and I’ve been very productive doing it. It’s good to take a break from my triathlon training. It gives my body a real chance to heal and get stronger. It gives my mind a similar chance to think about what I need to focus on in the next 4 weeks.

And now I’m ready. I can’t wait to work out tomorrow. And I’m going to have me a real adventure.

Daily Log 23 June 2011 – I’ve lost everything


Today is rest day. To be honest, I didn’t feel like working out. My MacBook died on me today, taking with it all my work on my book, the audios I’ve been recording and the articles and ebooks I’ve been working on.

Yes. I readily admit that I haven’t backed up my work. The last full back up was about 1 month ago. I’ve lost hours and hours of work that I have poured in since I started writing the book.

My Apple Supplier, Albert, had just come to pick it up and I’m praying that it’s a software issue and not a hard disk issue. If it’s software then it can be fixed easily. If it’s hardware then I’ve lost everything.

Let’s see what happens.

Daily Log 22 June 2011 – My book, ‘ReActivate Your Life – How to make changes and achieve anything you want in your life’




I am writing a book. There, I said it. I’ve been mulling the idea of penning down what I’ve learnt over the years that has enabled to me to make some major and extra-ordinary changes in my life. I began to write about 2 weeks ago and frankly speaking I didn’t know what to write and how to write it. There’s been days wen I would sit down and stare at the monitor without a clue of what to write about. Recently, the ideas just kept flowing in and them more I write, the more the ideas would come.

I don’t want this to be a conventional book and I am striving to make it different, if not in thee way it is written then in the way I write it. So I’ve decided to start releasing excerpts from the book. The first one can be found on the ReActivate Your Life Facebook Fan Page for the book. Have a read of it. It’s called, ‘Why some changes are doomed to fail’.

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Daily Log 21 June 2011 – If you’re going to be here, make sure you add value to the world



A strange thing happened to me in the pool tonight. I wanted to go swimming after my bike and run workout today. As I was stretching and warming up before getting into the pool, I saw someone getting lessons from the swim coach at the club. I was getting really fascinated by him as I can see that he was really putting his heart and soul into each stroke. I was really getting inspired watching him learn how to swim and was just thinking that I need to get back into that mode if I’m going to improve my swimming.

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Daily Log 17 June 2011 – Commitment to technical excellence as a way of life

My first time open water swim



OK. After my drama during my swimming session on thursday I’ve had a lot to think about. A few people wrote on my facebook wall that I shouldn’t give up and that I’m actually doing ok. Many many thanks for your encouragement and support. Just to clear away any doubts, I am not going to quit and in fact it has spurred me to find new ways and strategies to do better.

Technique is important not only in sports but in all skills that we want to acquire. When I started training for the triathlon, I said to myself that it doesn’t matter if I’m not be the fastest as long as I’m the one with the best technique. At that time, running was my biggest obstacle and the one with the greatest likelihood of injury especially when I consider that I weighed in at 120kg. That’s a lot of pounding on the knees and ankles so my technique better be good.

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Daily Log June 16 2011 – Drama at the swimming pool. I really want to quit swimming



I have a love hate affair with swimming and tonight was the hate part of the relationship. I probably spend more time in the pool these days than I do on the bike or running. What frustrates me most is that I don’t seem to be improving. It’s almost as if everytime I take one step forward I take a giant leap back. Well, tonight I had a bit of a blow up during the triathlon swimming workout and I walked out of the pool and went home.

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