Race Report – Standard Chartered KL Marathon 10km 26 June 2011

The 10km race held during the Standard Chartered KL Marathon held on 26 June 2011 is my 7th race for 2011 (actually my 7th race ever). The Standard Chartered KL Marathon in the premier event in the running calender for Malaysia. And it did not disappoint.

Flag Off

Arrived there at about 6:45AM and made it just in time for the flag off (barely). I hade underestimated the traffic and parking and was relying purely on luck. We arrived at the venue much much earlier but couldn’t find any parking spots and the police had erected road blocks all over the place. Luck was really on our side as we found a nice parking space near Bank Negara. After parking the car we rushed to the start line for the 10km run (near the National Monument) and got there literally when the gun went off for the 10km run. Nothing to worry about through as there were thousands and thousands of people waiting to run at the starting line. Even when the gun went off I was still not moving. The slow shuffling itself took me about 10 minutes before I could start running.

When I did start running I was already quite warmed up and I settled into an easy pace. My strategy was to run easy for the first 5km and then pick up the pace for the final 5.

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Race Report – Larian Bomba 8 May 2011 10km



My fourth race of the 2011 season (I never thought of my years in terms of seasons before)- The Larian Bomba 2011 10km run held in celebration of the World’s Firefighter’s Day.

This particular race was full of drama for me and I learnt a lot about myself today.

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Race – Larian Bomba 2011 10km


I registered for the Larian Bomba 2011 10km run which is heldon 8 May 2011 in conjunction with the International Firefighters Day.

This will be 4th running event for the year (actually for my entire life so far) and at 10km will be the longest. Cut off time for this 10km is 90 minutes. It’s a bit daunting for me as I can manage 100 minutes for the 10km (last night’s 10km was 100 mins).

The route is roughly the same as the FT Day 2011 7km run and the World Kidney Run 2011 5km. I surveyed the route this morning and found it to be quite nice.

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Daily Log 30 April 2011


I have a few 10km runs coming up in the next few months (and even a 16.8km run in October) and I know that I had better start training for it. Running 5km will not cut it anymore. Some of the events coming up are:

8 May 2011 Larian Bomba 10km

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Race – Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011


At the World Kidney Run 2011

This is a big one. The Standard Chartered KL International Marathon is Malaysia’s premier running event. The 2011 event has already attracted over 10000 entries, well on the way to the 25000 entries targetted for the event. This years sponsors includes Standard Chartered as the title sponsor partnering with 100 Plus, New Balance and Double Tree Hilton.

Your truly has entered at last. I had hesitated to enter earlier during the early bird phase as I was unsure which event to race in. The categories offered in the KL Marathon the Marathon 42.2km, the Half Marathon 21.1km, 10km and fun run 5km. I had initially wanted to enter the fun run 5km category so that I can use it as part of the training for the sprint triathlon I want to enter in July which features a 5km run.

Last year’s KL Marathon at the starting line

After a long and agonising period of reflection I decided to enter the 10km run. I don’t really have much fear of long distances now especially as I’ve decided that pace is not important for me this year. I want to be able to maintain a certain pace for long distances and duration.

The cut off time for the 10km is 2 hours which I should be able to achieve in my current form. 90 minutes would be great, 75 minutes would be superb. I’m going to decide nearer the time what my personal medal awards would be.

This is the 5th race I have entered this year and will be the longest distance. It will also be about 5 weeks before the triathlon I aim to enter. I think that should give me enough time to recover.

Anyone interested in joining can go here to enter the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011


10 km midnight run – phew


What a great feeling…

OK. I’ve gone a bit crazy. When I got home this evening from my afternoon 20km cycling I felt that I had a little bit more energy left so I decided to go for a midnight run.

I ran for 10km tonight and feel really great apart form a blister on my left feet. I keep getting a blister there. Must discover why. I think my left feet is smaller than my right which means it has a bit more room to move in the shoe.

Tonights splits are:

1. 4:38
2. 4:03

3. 4:12
4. 4:12
5. 4:12
6. 4:13
7. 4:12
8. 4:12
9. 4:08
10: 4:01
11. 4:12
12. 4:07
13. 4:18
14. 4:02

58 min 30 secs for first 5 km
4 mins 10 secs per lap

15. 3:43
16. 3:50
17. 3:55
18. 3:57
19. 3:39
20. 3:43
21. 3:43
22. 3:47
23. 3:36
24. 3:41
25. 3:26
26. 3:15
27. 2:42
28. 2:46

49 mins 43 secs for final 5 km
3 mins 33 secs per lap

Total time 108 mins 13 secs (1hr 48 mins 13 secs).

This is now my current personal best beating the last time of 1 hr 50 mins. Nothing suprising as I’ve only done it twice but still any improvements should be celebrated and welcomed.

10 km on the Polar FT60

Negative Splits yayyyy.

The last 5km was faster than the first 5km by 8 mins 47 secs which is not suprising as all the lap times for the last 5km was under 4 mins. I’m really happy that the last 2 laps was under 3 mins. Given time, as I lose weight and my technique improves and my stamina improves I think I have a real shot at 1 hour for the 10 km. If I can sustain 2:42 for 14 laps I’ll hit a 33 min mark for the 5 km. Let’s see what happens in the next 3 months.

I have to keep an eye on my resting heart rate in the morning as I don’t want to suffer from over training.