Lamp posts

The Highway-2

I took these series of images from the car whilst driving back home. A bit precarious I know. All I did was to set the camera on aperture f/8 and focussed at the hyperfocal distance. Using the sunny 16 rule, I set the shutter at 1/250 (2 stops over the 1/100 at ISO 100 and giving 1 stop back for the cloud overcast). Hoping that the windscreen wasn’t shown I simply aimed in front of me and clicked.

The Highway

Maybe a tad over exposed as there are no details on the sky but i think it works here. I love the way the lamps on the lamp posts is still visible.


Portraits- Ayah Lang

This is my 82 year old uncle from Singapore. The one thing I remember about him is that he always had a camera with him. Ever since I can remember he would be taking pictures. I see him on family occasions nowadays and as always never without a camera, an old Minolta.

We had a huge family day last week where 450 people turned up (yes, I have a huge family) and Ayah Lang was there with his camera. His once steady hands shakes tremendously now and he takes a longer time to take a picture while he steadies his hands and I realised at that time what he meant to me.

He is the kindest and gentlest person I have ever know and I am happy that this portrait captures that essence of him.

Vegetarian Food Corner of Brickfields

My Little Corner Restaurant

I love this picture. If you go to Brickfields there is a little corner which has a small tiny little vegetarian restaurant. The kitchen, sink, counter, cutlery, pots and pans are all contained within the one wall. Ikea would have been proud of this effort.

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Black and white portraits

I am itching to take more black and white portraits especially using 120 film. There’s something about the effort it takes to take black and white in film and then developing it.

I took this shot of my friend Sam

Portraits- Sam

I think its a cool portrait and catches him in a light mood. The sun was just nice and we were in the shade (Starbucks shade in Berjaya Times Square to be precise).

Leica M6 TTL
50mm Summicron f/2.0
Ilford Delta 100
Ilford ID-11 for 10 mins @ 24 deg c

Bird in flight

Sometimes, you walk around and something happens in a split second. You have to be ready to take that shot. When I’m just walking around I always have my camera in a ready position which is simply setting it at f/8, adjusting the shutter for correct exposure and focussed at the hyperfocal distance. When something happens I allow myself to react instinctively. Point and shoot. If I have the time I refocus to get maximum sharpness. Most of the time the moment is lost and a second shot is either not possible or not interesting enough.

This is one such occasion. I was at Batu Caves the other day and was about to go home. Batu Caves has a lot of pigeons flying around and I saw a pigeon about to land about 5 meters in front of me. I quickly took my camera to eye level and snapped this shot.

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Batu Caves

 Batu Caves

I went to Batu Caves (literally Rock Caves). I hae never been and 1 day I decided to to go see. Batu Caves is a Hindu shrine dedicated to the Lord Murugan (the BIG statue). The statue of Lord Murugan was unveiled in 2006 and at 42.7m is the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world. On the right, you can see some steps. Well, ‘some’ is an understatement because there are 272 of them.

Lord Murugan at Batiu Caves 

When I went there, there were hardly any people around. Its hard to imagine that once a year, during the Thaipusam festival, this place will have at least 1 million people and is a place bursting with activity. I have never been but I’m going to make it a point to go next time…..

Walkabout 22 October 2008

I went on walkabout today. Filled my bag with lots of film and just drove to the middle of Kuala Lumpur, parked the car and went walkabout.

During the walk, I went to Chow Kit Road which has a large market and people sell all sorts of stuff. It is also a place where you see a lot of disabled people sitting with small packets of tissue paper to sell. You buy them for about RM1.

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Kuala Lumpur Photopraphy Festival KLPF 2008

I dropped by Berjaya Times Square the other day walking around the various booths at the KLPF 2008. Some interesting stuff there especially the Leica M8 which I managed to try out. It does truly feel solid in the hands and the images are beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t bring an sd card with me so I can’t show the pictures I took.

The interesting things about these events is that they have a model shootout where photographers are able to take pictures of models catwalking. I caught this image.

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Film and digital

Well. It’s been nearly a month now since I started my affair with film. Lots of mishaps in the developing tank but now with some experience I can confidently say I am 90% there, at least in achieving consistency of results and repeatability. I have now stocked up with lots and lots of bw film in my efforts to master 35mm film photography. I have a bunch of Ilford Delta 100, Ilford Delta 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Kodak T-Max, Fuji Neopan Acros 100 and lots of Lucky SHD 100 films. I’ve also stocked myself with Ilford ID-11 developer, Ilford Ilfosol, ilford LC29 and the accompanying chemicals. Some new tanks and a rack to put them all in.

I’ve also dug up an old Seagull TLR and have been experimenting medium format 6×6 with the Ilford Delta 400 120 film.

Needless to say, I am having the time of my life. So much so that digital seems so impersonal to me now. The anticipation of looking at the negatives after developing can’t be matched by anything digital. To me, this is what photography is all about. I will continue to use my dSLR but its now the alternative instead of being the norm though I am planning to get Canon’s new EOS 5D II.

But the priority is to look for more lenses for my Leica, maybe the 28mm or 35mm as well as a telephoto like the 75 or 90mm for portrait work. I am also budgetting for a used medium format camera like a Hasselblad.

I have just completed development of 2 rolls of Ilford Delta 100 35mm and 2 rolls of Ilford Delta 400 120. The negatives looks good and I am waiting in anticipation for the scans.

Developing black & white film disasters……..

I have processed about 10 rolls of b&w film and there has been a lot of disasters and mishaps. I thought I share this firstly as part of my own learnings but also for the benefit of others.

Scratches, light leak
Thumbprint, scratches, light leak

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